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Protests After Georgia Police Shot And Killed Unarmed Naked Man!

Another unarmed suspect gunned down by the law. He was naked and had mental issues. He was shot on sight.

I see that it's not just in Madison, Wisconsin or Los Angeles. We have another unarmed suspect killed by the law. It's now in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here we have the same issue yet again. The police reacted to a man with mental issues. Instead of using non lethal force, the officer put two slugs in a man with no clothes on. The suspect didn't touched the officer. He didn't spit, toss his feces or blood on the officer.

All he done was public nudity. A minor misdemeanor. The suspect was either under intoxication or had medical issues. But for what reason did the officer fire upon this man?

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Anthony Hill.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the DeKalb County police and the Atlanta police are investigating what lead the officer to use deadly force.

Now with that being said. The officer is on paid administrative leave which is standard for any officer using his service weapon in the event of an apprehension. He will have to call his union rep. He will have to lawyer up and have his friends "look out" for him in the case the prosecutor may file charges against him.

Those friends are fellow officers, the junk food media and protesters who have issues with Black America and civil rights leaders such as Rev. Perm.

Reuters report that a white, Atlanta-area police officer shot dead a naked and unarmed African-American man acting erratically in his apartment complex and who was possibly suffering from a mental illness, the county police chief said.
The police shot an unarmed suspect. The officer who shot the suspect didn't use a taser that he was equipped with.
A Dekalb County police officer responded to a caller who said a man was "acting deranged, knocking on doors, and crawling around on the ground naked," on Monday around 1 p.m. local time, county police chief Cedric Alexander told reporters.

The officer encountered the man, who was not wearing any clothes, in the parking lot, Alexander said at a conference published online by local broadcaster Fox5.

Alexander said the man ran at the officer, who backed up and ordered the person to stop before shooting him twice. Police did not find a weapon at the scene, he said.

Monday's shooting comes after a string of killings of unarmed black men by police in the United States. Last year, incidents in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City prompted nationwide protests, some of which turned violent.
Police shot Hill in his birthday suit.
This is at least the third African-American man to be shot dead by police since last Friday, who either was or seemed unarmed.

Alexander said he could "reasonably assume" the person was possibly suffering from mental illness, given his behavior. He declined to identify the victim, but the New York Times reported that he was 27-year-old Anthony Hill.

Alexander said the officer, who had been with the department for seven years, was equipped with a taser at the time of the shooting. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation would handle Monday's incident, he said.

Kevin Davis (right) was shot and killed by DeKalb police.


This isn't the first time for the DeKalb County police.

I didn't know this one. The Atlanta Journal Constitution is covering these controversies.

Dekalb County police has already faced protests after an officer shot dead a black man who had called 911 when his girlfriend was stabbed by an attacker in his apartment late last year, according to local media.

Kevin Davis was shot and killed by DeKalb officer Joseph Pitts. The 44-year old man died because he tried to protect his girlfriend. The police officer also shot the man's dog after he believe it lunged at him.

What started as standard police response for assistance ended in death after the officer was confronted by Davis’ dog, killed it when he feared it would bite him, and then shot Davis when he appeared with a gun and refused to drop it, said Cedric Alexander, a nationally recognized expert on policing.

Davis’ family and supporters, however, likened the killing to “murder” Friday, saying even the police investigation has found no evidence the dead man threatened the officer with the gun. They want the Georgia Bureau on Investigation brought in immediately for an independent inquiry.

“We want to see the GBI open up another investigation so we can have another set of eyes on this murder of my brother,” said Delisa Davis, 51 of Lithonia, the sister of the deceased.

Alexander didn’t say Davis pointed the weapon but that the officer felt threatened when he saw the pistol in Davis’ hand at his side. Davis was shouting at the officer for killing his dog, which was described as a three-legged pit bull, Alexander said.

Asked if Davis would have to point the pistol to be a bona-fide threat, Alexander told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “I can’t speak for that officer. That officer had to interpret that threat.”

Pastor Derrick Rice, who met with Alexander Tuesday, said DA Robert James works too closely with DeKalb police to give confidence he will do a thorough and objective investigation. Advocates and family members noted DeKalb Police had found witnessess supporting Pitt’s version of events while they and family attorney Mawuli Mel Davis have found witnesses contradicting it.

“It is not that we are picking a fight,” Davis said. “A man’s life has been lost and we are just asking for another investigation by another agency.”

They said Davis’ girlfriend, April Edwards, who was at the shooting, contends the officer shot without warning after entering the apartment without identifying himself. Edwards, 37, said she and Davis heard the shots at their dog and believed her attacker had returned. Davis picked up a gun and went to investigate. The officer told investigators he banged on the door and shouted, ‘Police’ before entering.

“The police officer’s story varies dramatically from the girlfriend,” said activist Tim Franzen. “But you have to ask, Why would the girlfriend make it up when they are the ones who called police? ”

Alexander took issue with Edward’s recollection.

“We have a witness who heard Pitts say to Davis, ‘Drop that gun,’ and we also have a witness that heard Pitts bang on the door and say, ‘Police,’” Alexander told The AJC.

The police-version of the killing, however, has been met with distrust by some who have become more skeptical about police use of force nationwide, especially since Davis had no record of trouble with the law. At best, they say, the officer shot too quickly without enough evidence of a threat.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Kevin Davis.

If you're reading this Fred101, you understand the suspect was unarmed and naked. Is there anything you're going bitch about now that the news hit the viral web? Will you find some reason to justify the death by pointing out the unarmed suspect's criminal history or something his family or friends done in the past?

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