Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Exclusively For White People" Tagged In Austin!


Remember that disgusting moron from Austin, Texas who was looking for a date. The very same guy who believes that Black women are disgusting and the very mention of interracial sex is bestiality. It seems like he's back.

Okay, well he's not the one who slapped a sticker on the business. But I have this feeling that he's involved in this.

There were six businesses that got tagged with this.

Austin a heavily liberal city in an extremely conservative Texas is no exception.

The SXSW is being held there and many Americans come to Austin to show off their ideas and innovation.

One Austinite is not so keen on it.

The New York Daily News report the guy came forth to admit he's responsible for the tags.

“Why I did it is pretty clear,” Adam Reposa says in an expletive-laced video.

“The real problem is that people without money are getting f-----. They’re getting pushed out, and pretty quick, this area of town is turning into whites only — not by law like it used to be.”
The OG of disgusting.
The circular stickers, which bear the official logo of the Texas capital, say a “maximum of 5 colored customers” are allowed inside, but colored staff is “accepted.”

Stickers that say "exclusively for white people" popped up on nearly a dozen businesses in the Texas capital of Austin this week.

They mysteriously popped up on storefronts in Austin on Wednesday, sparking fury from residents and city officials, who called the signs “appalling and offensive.”

“Everyone’s going to jump on, ‘That’s racist, that’s racist.’ Man, this town, the way s--- works is racist,” says Reposa, who says he’s a lawyer.

The shirtless and tattooed man, who did not immediately return a call for comment, said he would strike again.

Adam Reposa appears to claim responsibility for the “Exclusively for White People” stickers that defaced Austin businesses, according to a video.

Adam Reposa is the man who claims responsibility.
PreviousNextAustin lawyer Adam Reposa appears to claim that he is responsible for the “Exclusively for White People” stickers.  April Jensen, an employee at Sugar Mama’s talks about a "Exclusively for White People" sticker that the business found on the front of their store.

Adam Reposa appears to claim responsibility for the “Exclusively for White People” stickers that defaced Austin businesses, according to a video.

“It don’t make a f--- what I did. I’m gonna do it again. I don’t give a f---,” he says in the video.

The Austin Police Department had been on the lookout for the culprit. It’s unclear if Reposa will face any charges.

Austin officials are aware of the video, and police are still investigating, city spokesman Jim Wick said.

Me thinks Romeo Rose had something to do with it. But that's an accusation that I'm going to leave with those in Austin.

Anyway, the Black business owners who saw that sticker were not amused. In fact, they are hoping that this doesn't ruin their reputation.

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Anonymous said...

This guy is sick and started a lot of trouble for laughs . He is a lawyer that has been jailed by a judge for 90 days during a trial for lewd hand gestures . He has had drug issues . He was shopping for a reality TV show ..... He is also alway rambling about something he calls the Technology . Always like it is a person . He claims he is racist against whites but he attacked Black Texas Representative Dawnna Dukes for being concerned about the signs and called her stupid and he is pretty much a white rich frat boy acting Mexican . He tried to start a race war between innocent people . Google him . Sick creep he is .


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