Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ferg Is Under The Radar!

Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder is never shy from talking about the disparaging disconnect between Blacks and law enforcement. He, his son, President Barack Obama and other Black men were subjected to racial profiling. It's a notorious practice where those in law enforcement makes a call on suspicious activity. They assume that the individual is likely committing a crime. So the law will make a bullshit excuse to pull over the individual and force a search and seizure of property without a warrant. The law will actually lie to make a justifiable arrest.

As you know, I am very familiar with the situation with Blacks and the law.

Black males are often seen as violent by those in law enforcement and those in the junk food media.

The U.S. Justice Department is going to shake up the way Ferguson, Missouri's police handles situations in which they require deadly force.

After the August 2014 shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown, Ferguson leaders and the police are trying to patch up things. The junk food media left and went on to the next shiny coin. They left a mess of division and mistrust among the law and those they are supposed to protect.

Ferguson is the focal point of America's racial unrest. When former officer Darren Wilson got off, the city went into a full fledged riot. Businesses were damaged, people were injured and the law exhausted as much as they could.

CNN reports that Brown's shooting death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson has thrust Ferguson into the center of a nationwide debate over police tactics and race relations. The Justice Department is expected to announce it won't charge Wilson for the shooting, but it's also expected to outline findings that allege a pattern of discriminatory tactics used by the Ferguson police.

If they don't agree to review and revise those tactics, sources say, the Justice Department would sue to force changes in the department.

Asked to comment, Ferguson police Chief Thomas Jackson told CNN's Sara Sidner, "I have received nothing new.
Things aren't getting better in America.
"Everything they suggested in the past has been reasonable and we have tried to comply."

​Among the issues expected to be part of the Justice Department's lawsuit are allegations made in a recent lawsuit filed by a group of low-income people who claimed officers in Ferguson and nearby Jennings targeted minorities with minor traffic infractions and then jailed them when they couldn't pay fines.

The Justice Department action would ask for court supervision of changes at the Ferguson Police Department to improve how police deal with the minority communities they are supposed to protect. ​

Holder hinted at plans to announce the outcome of the dual investigations during an appearance at the National Press Club on Tuesday.

"I think everybody will see when we announce our results that the process that we have engaged in is, as I said back at the time when I went to Ferguson, independent, thorough and based on all the facts," he said. "And I am confident that people will be satisfied with the results that will be announced."

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