Sunday, December 21, 2014

Blame Game: NYPD Cop Killings!

Mayor de Blassio entering press conference (PIX 11)
The police union, the agitators blame New York mayor Bill de Blasio instead of the suspect. There were some NYPD officers who turned their backs on the mayor during a presser.

As usual the nation comes to grips with a gun crime and another media-driven narrative. The nation is talking about a tragedy shooting in New York where two officers were gunned down. The suspect driven to rage by the grand jury decision to not indict officers who killed unarmed citizens, the suspect puts two bullets in the heads of NYPD officers on duty. He would later kill himself.

Act of an extremist driven by the media. Yes, there's fingers to be pointed at. The racist right and the junk food media would rather point at each other. Obviously it's their right to blame but it is productive when we just witness an officer who walked after killing an unarmed citizen?

The patrolman's union is blaming Rev. Perm and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio for the deaths.

That racist patrolman union president Patrick Lynch made the rounds on Loserville to bitch about the mayor. The NYPD "turned their backs" on de Blasio. The police union president warned the mayor to stay away from the funerals.

Again ignoring the suspect, the racist right goes forth to blame the president

It's the common trigger reaction by the ignorant and deceitful. To make a killing of law enforcement a part of the civil protest for unarmed killing by those in law enforcement is baseless.

The ankle biting pricks who don't look at the suspect having mental illness.

Some people reacted to the police union response to de Blasio. I looked up Twitter and typed blame game NYPD and de Blasio. Equal results.

To the families of officers Ramos and Liu, this is a cold senseless murder. We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences. This senseless act of violence adds to the narrative that guns outnumber people. Even the mentally ill are allowed access to firearms. The officers knew the risk.

Our inept government, the unlawful acts by those who are citizens and those who wear the badge also created the environment.

Again, if I had to be a prick about it, I would blame the police unions for it. They protect their own.

Isn't it fair that we protect our own?

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