Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ferguson Cop May Walk!

The cop could walk.

White folks are getting their guns and boarding up their homes and businesses. The Day The Niggaz Took Over could come when the decision occurs.

Yahoo News reported that if the grand jury decides to remand the case to criminal court and that court returns a felony verdict, Jackson said Officer Darren Wilson will be fired. Wilson has been on paid leave since he killed Brown on August 9.

Jackson told Yahoo’s Jason Sickles via email that Wilson’s new assignment, should he return to duty, is “not yet determined.”

Sickles spoke with Dallas, Texas defense attorney Bob Gorsky who specializes in defending police officers accused of crimes. Gorsky said that it’s unlikely that Wilson would be returned to the street.

“I would be surprised if they put him back on the streets at least in the near future,” said the 40-year legal veteran.

“He’s always going to be dealing with the emotional scars of the event itself, not to mention the scrutiny he’s gone through,” Gorsky said. “It’s going to be a tough situation for him. Hopefully the department will support him if he’s not charged with a crime.”

Brown’s family, represented by attorney Benjamin Crump, want to see the case go to trial.

“That way everybody would get their due process,” said Crump this week. “The constitutional rights would be extended both to the police officer, but also to Michael Brown Jr.”

Jackson told Yahoo that the department has not yet begun its internal investigation of the shooting death.

“Typically an admin investigation waits until the criminal one is over,” Jackson said in an email. “In this case it would be difficult anyway since County PD/FBI has all the evidence/witnesses.”

That Ferguson cop that shot unarmed Michael Brown may get off with no charges. That adds to the shit sandwich America's gotten. The inept Republicans won the election. The unarmed Black male is a target among the White conservative extremist with a gun.

It's a damn shame in America.


fred 101 said...

Why wouldn't he?If Mike came at him and punched him and tried to take his weapon,then ran back at him?Sounds more like suicide by cop.

The Blue Light Buzz said...

Fred101, there's both sides. A dead body can't tell a tale. Second, there's the other versions too.

There was no dash camera in the vehicle. Anything could be said because again a dead body can't tell at tale.

So therefore, we'll wait until the Grand Jury decides.


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