Monday, December 16, 2013

Straight Clownin'!

Town residents are endorsing offensive clown.

The controversy that arose this year was a White man who did a "BLACKFACE" mock of President Barack Obama. The White man was performing as a rodeo clown. He wore an Obama mask and allowed his fellow rodeo clowns bobble the lips. The Obama rodeo clown was chased by the bulls while the announcer was chanting the rabidly conservative audience. The audience was chanting for the bulls to charge him.

A woman and her family watched the act go on. She was applaud. She recorded it and took it to the internet. It went viral. It opened up a can of worms against the Missouri Fair promoters. The promoters would later fire the rodeo clown and that sparked the racist right to come out in defense of the rodeo clown.

Conservative agitators were praising the clown for being bold. Chalk E Becker took to his network to tell his supporters they're "rodeo clowns" now. The controversial Republican lawmaker from Texas Steve Stockman announced on his social network that he would welcome the rodeo clown with open arms.

The rodeo clown Tuffy Gessling, better known as Tuffy the Clown is going to be the town's person of the year for his offensive act towards the president.
Tuffy The Clown. The controversy arose when the clown wore an Obama mask and mocked the president.
KXKX-FM disco jockey Rob Edwards is hosting a "Person of The Year" award to the clown.

The title goes to the person who had the biggest impact on the town, and he said Gessling certainly fit that bill.

Gessling donned an Obama mask this summer at the Missouri State Fair as an announcer asked if they cheering crowd if they wanted to “see Obama get trampled.”

A bull eventually approached Gessling, who jumped up and ran away to more cheers.

“It was a hugely hot topic around here — I mean it was national news, too –but I think that’s why people vote for him, because he brought national attention, for better or for worse,” Edwards said.

Gessling said he’d performed similar stunts while dressed as previous presidents, but many people were uncomfortable with a crowd cheering potentially violent acts against the nation’s first black president.

Edwards said he hadn't spoke to Gessling, who said he received threats after the state fair, but he knew the rodeo clown was aware of the competition because others have shared it on his Facebook page.

The other nominees include a local business owner who is active in charity organizations and a community photographer.

The runner-up so far is the Sedalia police department’s STING unit.

Voting ends Thursday in the competition.

If you're that stupid to vote for a clown, I guess you're a clown for doing so. Obviously in the rural parts of Missouri, you have to be either a Republican or the dumb asshole!

Oh, I forgot that dumb ass lawmaker Stockman is going to run in a Republican primary against Senator John Cornyn (R-TX). Stockman is calling the senator a "liberal" masquerading as a conservative. It could be possible that Cornyn be defeated by Stockman. Obviously, the state of Texas elected Stallmigo (NO ACCOMPLISHMENT) Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Three weeks to go and I will post the yearly wrap up on Journal de la Reyna. Will this one be in the list?

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