Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Knockout Game Victim Blamed The "BLACKS"!

Woman concocted a story about being attacked by Black men and it turned out to be her boyfriend. She created a racial panic to rile up the racist right.

When will that Asshat Colin Flaherty give up his ongoing obsession with BLACK ON WHITE CRIME?

When will That Guy Who Helped Obama Win be the least thing I'll cover?

When will Loserville, King Hippo, Chalk E Becker and That Guy Who Throws Shit To The Wall be denounced by the likes of Weeper Boehner and Republicans?

It's another edition of the Knockout Game. But this time, it was another one of those fake racial hoax that drives me and S. Baldwin to cover this.

This woman from St. Louis, Ashley DePew was attacked by three Black males after leaving a bar. She was awaiting her boyfriend and out of nowhere she got a blow to the face. That blow required her to have facial reconstructive surgery.

Obviously we all would feel a sense of sorrow for the young woman. I mean a crime happen and these individuals would commit such an act that could kill someone.

One would point out to this knockout game. Again, I haven't heard of it. Except on Loserville and the racist right blogs that most agitators source their outrage from. The outrage pimping is so high over at some of these blogs, it's almost nauseating to read the word vomit.

I know that the outrage pimps over at Loserville were in on the action. They were saying that this "liberal media" isn't covering this and White folks better beware of young Black youth.

That asshat Colin Flaherty, a notorious White extremist got a lot of airplay in the conservative media outlets.

He keeps a backlog of every freaking crime committed by "us Black folk". He obsesses with crime statistics and believes there's a race war in America.

People like Flaherty, Frank Taaffe, and George Zimmerman gave That Guy Who Helped Obama Win the talking points about this so-called BLACK ON WHITE CRIME phenomenon.

Will they cover this now that it was revealed THAT BITCH LIED about the crime and she may face charges for filling a fake police report. Gawker and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports on this controversy.

DePew story about being beaten up by these Black thugs didn't turn out right. After they reviewed cameras and found she wasn't at the place where she claimed she was attacked, DePew confessed to making the whole thing up.

She actually got into a heated argument with her boyfriend, and I guess he lunged at her. Apparently his arm found her face. Not the five finger roll, she claims now. So instead of sending this asshole to the iron college, she would just say "WELL THEM NIGGERS" did it!

The 23-year-old made up the story in order to protect her boyfriend, 25-year-old Justin Simms.

DePew initially told officers she and Simms were picking up a friend from The Trophy Room on November 17th, when she wandered into a crowd outside the bar and was punched in the face by the three young men.

After police confronted DePew and Simms, they reportedly confessed to inventing the knockout game story for fear of repercussions from police and their respective families.

The two claim Simms inadvertently hit DePew in the eye after she placed her hand on his and he "flung it back violently."

"We had to spend a significant amount of resources unraveling the lies they told," said St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson. "That’s resources that could have been spent on other crimes and it damaged the perception of the city. I hope these two individuals get help in their relationship."

Both face misdemeanor charges, but DePew's attorney Ethan Corlija said he hoped his client's lying wouldn't "detract from the fact that she’s still a victim."

"She sustained pretty serious injuries. No matter how the circuit attorney chooses to view it, it still boils down to her being a victim and we can’t lose sight of that fact," he said.

Yeah, she's a victim. A victim of love. A love that may end up killing her. Not only did she cause a "racial panic" but her defense of this love will now have her a possible criminal record, scorn from the residents, and loss of friends. She obviously going to banned from the bar where she goes to. She made St. Louis get a bad rap.

How could this woman (Ashley DePew) do such a thing?

Was she scared more of the police than her boyfriend or the imaginary "BLACK THUGS"?

Okay when will Loserville issue a retraction?

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