Friday, March 29, 2013

GOP Congressman Utters Racial Slur!

Another Republican caught in a firestorm over racial comments.

The Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington has been a thorn in Alaskan Republican Representative Don Young backside for years. CREW's chief Melanie Sloan has been trying to get this foolish politico out of the Capitol for years. This guy is under investigation for numerous earmarks. The lobbyists love this guy!

The king of pork and shady dealings is one again in the news for all the wrong reasons.

While the Republican National Committee is working on its image, their biggest problem lies within it's primarily white male voters. The reactionary bigotry inherited by White conservatives have totally turned off minority groups and women. 

If this last election didn't prove to be a wake up call for Republicans, I don't know what else they've got!

Seriously, Republicans are condescending and totally ignorant. They continue to run on stupid.

Now Alaskan congressman Young uttered a racial slur that will piss off the Hispanic/Latino community.

He made a reference to his days living in California with his dad. He called the laborers, "wetbacks".

Now being from the cold northernmost state seriously got him delusional. How could a legislator say such things?

Every member of the Republican establishment condemned that comment and it took three official apologies from the congressman to realize the error of his ways.

Republicans are total idiots. And it always begins with this!

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