Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ann Coulter: Romney Please Be Easy On That Retard [Obama]!

I want to be clear that I'm not calling the president a "retard" but his policies are!
Never one to shy away from controversy is the conservative agitator Ann Coulter. The conservative pitbull in a skirt is best known for her blonde hair, her long attractive legs and her outrageous comments about those she doesn't agree with.

If it wasn't bad enough for the agitator, she makes reference to an issue that had Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska taking an offense to!

I don't actually she'll be giving her a pass for this one!

Of course that word is an insult to those with special needs. It called "RETARDED".

Coulter goes on Twitter to post her support for Romney but manages to get a dig at President Barack Obama.

This dig got the media lit up! And of course, Ann Coulter double downs and even takes shots at her former protege Michelle Malkin.

Well after word got out that her tweet had made the news, Ann Coulter dismissed this as taking her comments out of context.

She goes on Neal Boortz and later Inside Edition to downplay her comments and even launched a warning shot to fellow conservatives who insist on her to apologize for the comment.
A feud brewing between controversial conservative agitators Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter.
Coulter's regrets not getting an opportunity to fire back at those she thought were on her side when it comes to disrespecting the first Black president. That tweet by Coulter got many in the entertainment and conservative media unease. They've fired back in unison.

Mediaite reports that the remark garnered the expected criticism from liberal Twitter users and celebrities, including Christina Applegate.

I've always considered Michelle Malkin a fucking turd flipper! She's a delusional woman of color!

She fights tooth and nail for the conservative movement!

Malkin is a savvy internet activist. Her skill as an internet activist comes at a price. She's probably one of the most hated conservative agitators since the death of Andrew Breitbart. She enjoys trying to stir the pot like Ann Coulter. But when someone corners her, she goes forth publishing information of those she's gotten into a heated debate with and post it online. Expect death threats when Malkin post information about a person she's angry at!

Despite her spiteful behavior towards those who don't agree with, I give her credit for calling out that bitch who lied about the being burned by the KKK. And today, this one also gives her another notch on her belt.

I still think she's a condescending asshole! But today Michelle Malkin, thank you for standing up to Ann Coulter for her downright ignorant and disrespectful comments towards President Barack Obama.

The reason why Malkin called out Coulter. I think that Michelle Malkin thinks that it may rally the president's supporters to paint Mitt Romney and his allies in the conservative movement as callous idiots!

Most of them are!

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