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Louisiana Mom Burned Alive Could Be.... A Hoax!

Sharmeka Moffitt may have lied to federal authorities when she claimed that she was badly burned by a group of individuals. She claimed it was an act of the domestic terrorist group the Ku Klux Klan. Of course, this will be harped by conservatives from now until the election because it's a racial hoax by a Black person.
Before I was going to write another piece on the rise of right wing extremism. But I was kind of cautious about this one!

Sharmeka Moffitt, age 20 had a tragedy happen to her over the weekend. She was attacked by a group of men who allegedly raped her, burned her and carved Nigger and KKK in her vehicle.

At first you would think that horrible incident would merit the local authorities, U.S. Justice Department and FBI to investigate. But when they've poked through the holes, they've determined that it's a hoax and the woman may face serious charges for this incident.

Because if the notion of a violent crime was to be committed by an individual who has ties to White supremacists groups, I've figured that these people would likely kill this person! It's not likely they'll burn the individual without at least watching them die.

Now I remember sometime ago, Bethany Storro, a Washington state woman who accused a Black woman of splashing acid on her face. Well it turned out to be a hoax. The woman wanted to get a facial surgery and scorn her former boyfriend. Also Storro is writing a book about her hoax.
Ashley Todd tried to sabotage Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008 with a racial hoax. Todd claimed that a Black person mugged her and curved a backwards "B" in her face after he claimed he hated Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) the 2008 Republican nominee.
And the most famous racial hoax. Ashley Todd. The McCain volunteer who claimed a Black man mugged her and curved a backwards "B" in her cheek. That turned out to be a hoax and it splashed on the infamous conservative agitating website The Drudge Report. It was then hampered by Neil Cavuto, Neal Boortz and Rush Limbaugh during the later weeks of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections. The perception of the Black person being an Obama supporter drove the notion that violent events happen when Republican expresses their support of a nominee. That incident put Todd in bad company with the news media. I am guessing she's going to cast her vote for Mitt Romney with less scandal!

This tragedy would have brought forth the civil rights groups, liberal agitator Al Sharpton and conservative ire because it's an incident that involves race and the perpetration was a White person!

It's getting worse! From hanging effigies of the president, to spray painting racial slurs on the buildings of college campuses, some classify as hate crimes, some hoaxes.

In Louisiana. A woman was burned and her vehicle was curved with the infamous domestic terrorist group the Ku Klux Klan.
Bethany Storro accused a Black woman of splashing acid in her face. She made the story up in order to get facial surgery and get back at a scorned boyfriend.
It's unbelievable and it's gotten play on websites like The Raw Story, a liberal investigative journalism blog.

I took a few hours off the internet and word has it that the woman made the story up!

My famous words to racial hoaxes: THAT BITCH LIED! 

And to make matters worse, she may end up hurting President Barack Obama in the long run. Because if the conservative media licks their chops, expect this to be another talking point to rile up White voters who have trouble accepting a Black president.

News One reports, the Louisiana woman who alleged that she was attacked and set on fire by men wearing “white hoodies,” lied about the incident according to police investigators, reports the Franklin Sun.

After analyzing the evidence at the State Police Crime Lab, it was discovered Moffitt’s fingerprints were on the cigarette lighter and the lighter fluid recovered near the wooded area around the crime scene.

“There is more physical evidence along those lines that back this up,” Thomas said.

At a news conference held at LSU Medical Center on Monday evening, Moffitt’s mother, Edna Moffitt said her daughter was in critical condition with third-degree burns on her arms and other areas and would undergo surgery Tuesday.

False rumors regarding the incident were spread on various social media outlets Sunday night just hours after the incident took place. On many of the Twitter and Facebook posts, users speculated the attack was a hate crime and Moffitt was attacked for wearing a President Obama t-shirt when she was “raped and burned alive”.

Moffitt’s mother and Thomas confirmed Monday that the Obama T-shirt rumor was false and there was no evidence of sexual assault.

A racial slur and the letters, KKK, that were written in toothpaste on Moffitt’s vehicle were linked to female DNA, authorities said.

“All of the evidence is pointing back to the victim inflicting this upon herself,” Thomas said. “No evidence has shown any other person was involved.”

“This case is solved,” Thomas added.

Pieces of the case fall apart after accuser confessed she made the story up!
She got a sympathy from hundreds of individuals hoping that the incident didn't rehash them days of racial tension in the south. What she's done is not permanently damaged her body, but made another reason to why White supremacists hate the Black community.

They hate us because in their opinion, we wear racism on our sleeves. And to make the notion of a Black person creating a racial hoax reminds the conservative/White supremacist bubble of Tawana Brawley or Crystal Magnum. This also gives them the notions of O.J. Simpson and The New Black Panthers standing outside of the polling station in Philadelphia.

And of course the conservative word salad is basically this was one of "OBAMA'S CHILDREN" in word play to the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin being politicized by the president and conservative agitators.

Newone reports, the small town of Winnsboro, LA was thrust into chaos in the wake of the incident, and candlelight vigils were held for the “victim” as fears about a resurgence of hate crimes shook the area.

Franklin Parish Sheriff, Kevin Cobb, said that the town has remained united through the incident and they need to remain supportive:

“I want to thank the community, who under these stressful times they allowed law enforcement to do their job to seek information, collect evidence and follow the facts,” Cobb said. “Although I think what she did was wrong and had major consequences not only for her, but throughout our community and our country.

There’s something wrong here, and we need to help individuals like this. In the same way our community came to support her as a victim, I still hope the community will support her emotional and physical recovery.”

No charges have been filed against Moffitt. The Sun reports that the case has been turned over to the 5th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

In a state with a history of unspeakable acts of violence against Black citizens, Moffitt’s claims were especially dangerous. Hopefully, the band-aid she has ripped off the racial tension in the town of Winnsboro does not cause any more conflict.

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