Saturday, June 30, 2012

Republican "Contempt" Of Holder Goes No Where!


The U.S. Justice Department found no reasonable crime committed by Attorney General Eric Holder in his withholding of documents into the Republican-led investigations of the botched gun operation known as "Fast & Furious".

President Barack Obama has an opportunity to paint the Republicans as "out of touch" and worrying their butts over issues that aren't related to the economy. The political party is invested in the fear cranking of the National Rifle Association, a major gun rights lobbyist organization.

Fresh off their bitter defeat, Republicans feel like another opportunity lies in the Supreme Court decision to uphold the president's health care reform bill. They claim that their nominee, perennial candidate and soon to be nominee Mitt Romney has raised over $5 million in the aftermath of the landmark decision.

Republicans have finally came to the student's loan and road construction bills at the last minute. President Barack Obama will sign the bill into law.

What gets me!

The delay of progress. Why delay progress when it's only going to hurt them in the long run. They haven't learned. They still knee toed to the extremist within their party.

I figured it out when the first comment came from a person who claims that just because I'm Black and happen to support the president, again race is the only thing that comes to their minds. They can't stand it when you give them something to chew on and they spit it out.

This distraction of Operation Fast & Furious is coming to an end. The Republicans can't go any further with it other than taking it into civil court. So as far it goes, there's nothing other than another rant and rave from those lunatics and their buddies in the Republican Party.

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