Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Steve Bannon Fired Out The Cannon!

Another One Bites the Dust. Steve Bannon was fired out the cannon at Breitbart News.
The progressives claimed victory. The white extremist Stephen K. Bannon is fired out the cannon at Breitbart. He took the mantle after Andrew Breitbart passed away in 2012.

Since his tenure, he took the website to a more nationalist and white extremist tilt.

Breitbart was facing troubles since Donald J. Trump declared he was running for president. The online website Sleeping Giants mounted a war against Breitbart and its sister site Rebel Media. They mounted an advertiser boycott in respomse to Milo Yiannopoulos' Gamergate scandal. The website lost major advertisers and Sleeping Giants is continuing the fight to drive it out of business.

Breitbart is active in promoting this white extremist movement they labeled the alt-right.

Bannon who was an early backer of Trump gave him access to his SiriusXM show, his media empire and the loyal followers who make up the base.

Bannon would join the campaign after Paul Manafort was ousted because of his Russian ties. He left Breitbart and became a political adviser and campaign strategist.

Bannon and Kellyanne Conway joined the campaign and helped Trump win.

They were greatly promoted to positions in the White House. Bannon was a senior policy advisor. It came crashing down in July when he was fired out the cannon. He would soon return to Breitbart to help Trump oust members of the Republican Party who refuse to back his agenda.

Bannon would also return to SiriusXM to host Breitbart News Daily on The Patriot.

He would be instrumental in the failed senate campaign of Roy Moore, a controversial former Alabama supreme court chief justice. Bannon backed Moore despite the base backing Luther Strange. When Strange lost his bid, Bannon, Trump, and Sean "Softball" Hannity backed Moore.
Take a bath, Steve.
Moore would end up having ten women come forth with allegations of sexual abuse. Bannon warned Republicans to back him or face a primary challenger.

The Republicans at first pulled support. Trump would personally endorse Moore and called upon Republicans to support him.

Moore would lose to Doug Jones. Bannon was handed a major defeat.

Then Michael Wolff came into the picture and Bannon spilled the tea.

Wolff's best seller Fire & Fury: Inside the Trump White House became the Achilles heel for Bannon. The white extremist was pretty blunt about how Trump ran things. He said that Trump was off his rockers and it rocked the White House.

Breitbart executives, Andrew Breitbart's widow Susannah Bean and Larry Solov were really pissed about this. They wanted Bannon's ass gone. They said he ruined the brand.

It took them today to finally get him out the picture.

Bannon immediately left the Breitbart empire. He will no longer have a place there and on SiriusXM. He will be erased from history.

Steve Bannon is now officially a washed up celebrity.

Trump has labeled him, "Sloppy Steve." That name sticks to him like glue.

Robert and Rebekah Mercer had pulled funding from Breitbart and ended his personal security and bank account.

Bannon also lost a place at Fox News.

Softball Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham said, "Steve Bannon. Never heard of him."

Bannon now sits as a disheveled drunk. A dirty ass man with no plan.

The world is a whole lot better knowing Stephen K. Bannon is no longer a power player.

Good riddance.

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