Friday, January 12, 2018

Nelly's Dilemma Drags On!

Who do you believe in? Nelly has been sued by a rape victim.

Nelly got busted last year after he was accused of raping a woman while on tour. He was an opening and featured act for country rock group Florida Georgia Line.

The accuser comes forth and TMZ has pictures.

22 year old Monique Greene was the accuser. She refused to testify against Cornell Haynes, Jr. aka Nelly. It forced the law to drop the charges against the the rapper.  The 43 year old rapper was arrested by the Auburn Police and was charged with first degree rape.

If he would have been convicted, he would have served 25 to LIFE in the iron college. He would enroll in Offender U as a TIER III.

Now the law releases the information to the junk food media. The celebrity agitating website has said that the accuser filed a lawsuit against Nelly.

According to the lawsuit, the accuser said that she was invited on the tour bus with the rapper. As soon as they got into a private room, the rapper started masturbating. The rapper was immediately ready to smash. She performed oral and vaginal sex on the rapper. She urged him to wear a condom, and he refused to do so.
The accuser Monique Greene is suing Nelly for sexual abuse.
The accuser said that after she refused to participate any further, she was kicked off the tour bus and handed the $100 bill.

Nelly was at a Seattle night club when he meet the accuser.

Nelly has threatened to sue his accuser.

Scott Rosenblum said that his client's reputation was damaged by the accuser and he is considering his options.

"It comes as no surprise that Ms. Green [sic] filed a lawsuit against Nelly seeking money after we announced our intention to hold her accountable. We always believed her accusation was motivated by greed."

Mind you, the rapper did the infamous video Tip Drill.

Regardless, if the accuser did falsely accuse the rapper of rape, it would defeat the #MeToo movement. The movement was sparked by the accusations against Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced media mogul who has at nearly 100 accusers. Women have spoken out against powerful individuals who sexually abused women.

Also James Franco is figuring out that his douchebag behavior can only go so far. The actor has five accusers. One known accuser was a 17 year old girl who he tried to smash.

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