Thursday, January 11, 2018

MO Guv Caught With His Pants Down!

Mizzou governor Eric Greitens admits he cheated. An accuser said that Greitens was going to share goodies in a blackmail plot. Pictured: Sheena, the first lady of Missouri.

Missuori governor Eric Greitens is a proud family values Republican. But when the cameras are off, he is just another phony ass politician caught with his pants down.

Local junk food media got in touch with a woman who accused the governor having her tied up, blindfolded and warning her that he could ruin her.

He is a former Navy SEAL and political grandstander.

The governor admits to having an affair with a woman. He tried to silence her.

This happened in 2015 before he declared he was running for governor. Mind you he was the candidate according to the junk food media to be the next Donald J. Trump.

He threatened to leak inappropriate photos to the junk food media. I bet you money, he would have given it to Roger Stone.

Now as he is caught with his pants down, Greitens must explain this to his wife, Sheena, the first lady of Missouri and his two children. He will be crying and saying this is isolated.

Who knows how many other women he had affairs with?

The Greitens been married for six years.

Don't think it's just one woman. There's more to come and they will come forth. It will become a big scandal for the governor and it will drag Republicans down.

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