Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Missing White Woman Fooled The Nation!

Missing woman found. Did Courtney Roland pull a fast one on the nation?
Courtney Roland was found yesterday. She was found in metro Houston after she went off the radar for nearly four days.

The Houston metro police reveal the reasons why she went missing. Try to not get angry about it. Because I am certainly going to go there.

She said that she was on medication and was spotted by the Galleria Mall. She was walking like she was a homeless person.

She left her vehicle and purse behind. When the police found her they said that she had minor bumps and bruises. She had no other injuries. There were no signs of sexual abuse.

As you know, people are breathing a sigh of relief.

Roland was a sports reporter for the Texas A&M Aggies. She also was a part time model and occasional consumer of beverages.

Roland was under the influence of something when she was found near a Chick-Fil-A. The law claims she was "trying to look for her phone."

She texted her mom and friends that she was being followed by a suspicious man. Then a text came to her money saying this is a person trying to buy an iPad from Courtney.

Okay, I am pissed. I find it frustrating that we were obsessed with trying to find a woman who pulled a bitch move. She wasted the local agencies time.

She could have picked up a payphone and dialed 911 or her family.

Roland locked up her social media. She know what's going to happen. She will be hit with death threats and calls to be fired out the cannon for fooling the nation.

I believe she was drunk and crashed her ride. Roland concocted a story about being followed by a suspicious individual to fool the law. Cause she may have damaged her vehicle and left it behind. She was injured by the vehicle. She got out and knew she would be spending a night in Harris county lockup so she locked her vehicle and lefted her phone inside. She walked around town until she sobbered up.

I believe that. I stand by that.

Missing White Woman Syndrome once again comes into question. When a pretty white woman goes missing, the junk food media gives it national attention. The junk food media ignores women and children of color, men and LGBTQ individuals.

The junk food media, politicians and social media will do hashtag activism to bring the nation's attention to this missing white woman.

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