Saturday, January 06, 2018

Jerry Van Dyke Passed Away!

Entertainer Jerry Van Dyke passed away.
The famed entertainer and comedian Jerry Van Dyke Passed away at the age of 86 years old. Van Dyke is best known for playing Luther Van Dam on the ABC sitcom Coach.

He was the young brother of legendary comedian Dick Van Dyke.

His acting debut darted with his brother's sitcom as the younger brother of Rob Petrie, Stacey. He would make appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show which landed him a role on The Judy Garland Show.

He would end up being turned down for roles. Gilligan's Island and The Andy Griffith Show were notable shows. He would end up on the short lived sitcom, My Mother The Car.

He landed a role on a short lived sitcom called Accidental Family.

His biggest break was playing the beloved and yet befuddled assistant coach Luther Van Dam on ABC's sitcom, Coach. He received four consecutive Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series.

He was the spokesman for Big Lots stores and made appearances in Hardee's/Carls, Jr. commercials.
Jerry Van Dyke, Bill Fagebakke and Craig T. Nelson were the stars of the ABC sitcom Coach.
Van Dyke also had recurring roles on Greg Garcia's everyman sitcoms Yes, Dear, My Name is Earl, Raising Hope and The Millers. He also had a role in The ABC comedy The Middle.

Van Dyke was married twice and had three children. His first wife was Carol. His daughter was actress Kelly Jean Van Dyke. She committed suicide in 1991. His other children are Jerri Lynn and Ronald. His second wife, Shirley lived him on their rank in Malvern, Arkansas.

His health was ailing during his later years. He passed away in Hot Springs.

He was a stand up comedian in his earlier days and was a fixture in the nightclubs and bars. He will be missed.

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