Monday, January 08, 2018

Houston Police Search For Missing Sports Reporter Courtney Roland!

Courtney Roland is missing. The junk food media will amp up her disappearance.
A young woman who reported for Sports Illustrated went missing in Houston.

Courtney Roland is a reporter for Texas A&M. She was last seen leaving a football camp in an Uber on Saturday.

The family has filed a missing persons report with the Houston Metro Police.

According to a Facebook post, Roland was in communication with a friend around 12:30am on Sunday worried she was being followed by a blue truck leaving Walgreens.

Roland was concerned.

"The roommate said he [the suspicious man] followed Roland to her home in a blue truck as she was parked in the driveway. The roommate said the blue truck looped back around and parked behind her and Roland got out of her car and the truck sped off.

On Sunday, Roland's mother received a text from her phone saying, "hello the owner of this phone Courtney. I am buying an iPad."

The roommate also said Roland's vehicle was broken into six weeks ago and she's been on high-alert since."

Now you see its reached the govenor's mansion in Austin. Wondering when he start hashtag activism for all missing Americans.

Give it a few days, her name will be heard from coast to coast.

While I hope they find her safe and sound, an old reminder to why me and S.B have longed complained about the junk food media's coverage of missing women.

Usually, the women who go missing are White, blonde, well off and extremely attractive. The junk food media will give this national exposure and people begin hashtags, tabloid speculation and the usual blame game.

Hence the term: Missing White Woman Syndrome.

It is a term that reflects on how the junk food media is deliberately choosing which missing person gets the most attention. The stories about missing women of color, poor children, men and LGBTQ individuals are barely covered.

Let's rap.

Okay back in 2004, the late PBS host Gwen Ifill coined the term and 14 years later, it still matters.

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