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Black-ish brings you to Grown-ish. Yara Shahidi will star in this college comedy similar to the 1980-90s sitcom A Different World.

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Kenya Barris, Larry Wilmore, Laurence Fishburne and Anthony Anderson produce a spin off to the hit ABC comedy, black-ish. The show is called grown-ish and it features the oldest Johnson daughter. The show also will eventually phase into ABC if it becomes a success.

The actress Yara Shahidi will reprise the role of Zoey Johnson. She will be heading to college. She will meet new friends and a nemesis.
The cast of Grown-ish will feature a diverse cast including Yara Shahidi.
The show is set to premiere on Freeform this week. There is a 13 episode order and we will watch Shahidi grow. As Zoey heads off to Southern California University, she adjust to being independent. She

Deon Cole who plays Charlie will be a regular. He will teach a class as a part time professor.

The cast will include Chris Parnell, Trevor Jackson, Emily Arlook, Francis Raisa, Jordan Buhat and singing duo Chloe and Hallie Bailey.

Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross will make cameo appearances.

The hit comedy black-ish is once again nominated for the Golden Globes.

It will return Tuesday night at 9pm.

Grown-ish will premiere on Freeform, a Disney-ABC Television network.

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