Thursday, January 04, 2018

Dayton Closing Schools!

Meadowdale High School in Dayton, Ohio. This is one of the schools the Dayton city school board plans on closing. Population decline and low attendance is forcing school district to close up schools.
Make America Great Again!

Ohio's sixth largest city is the third most miserable in the United States.

What used to be the hub of music, manufacturing and historical feats is now the hub of food desserts, a declining population and a depressing job market.

And now, we are at the verge of losing more than just the Gem in this city.

Dayton, Ohio is the hub of the opioid crisis. 1,400 people have died because of heroin and fentanyl (carfentanyl). Dayton has not seen the magic of our inept leader, Donald J. Trump.

Our community is on pace to lose 45,000 people. The current population of this city is 134,000 residents.

The city is broke.

Democratic mayor and gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley is trying to rehash those red light/speed cameras. Residents are not pleased with the decision.

Dayton is the only city trying to squander money from those cameras.

Civil rights leaders claim that the cameras are placed in areas where minorities live. The areas where Whites live have no cameras.

The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority is raising fares up. They are eliminating three routes and increasing base fare to adjust to federal cuts to Medicare. The bus company could shutter and consolidate routes to inconvience riders. They are at risk of for a public strike.

Dayton has a segregation issue. The RTA still faces backlash from residents in conservative communities.

My community is losing population at such a fast pace, the local school district is considering closing a handful of schools and it is generating controversy.

Dayton Public Schools is expected to close 10 schools.

Eight elementary and two high schools are on the chopping block.

I will not give you a list.

Most of the schools are located on the poor side. The poor side is full of food desserts, blight, and a majority of Black residents.

There are some who are concern that the closings could put their students in schools outside their neighborhoods.

The superintendent Rhonda Corr is in the freezer. Her inept leadership has led to the city schools making this difficult decision. She allegedly bilked thousands of dollars to help herself and her boyfriends. Corr is expected to be fired out the cannon at the end of the school year.

The new school leadership is facing tough decision. Put themselves at risk of a recall by consolidating or letting things continue and eventually burn it to the ground.

So what will Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Housing and Urban Development Security Ben Carson and Donald J. Trump do?

Easy answer.

This issue shows the ineptness of Trump's leadership.

What will Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH), Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) do?

Turner and Brown are up for reelection. You don't hear about them or Portman visiting public schools or blighted neighborhoods. You don't hear about anything good from their earmarks they tossed into these bills Trump signed into law.

And yet we still vote these losers in.

What will John Kasich do?

Run for president in 2020. Still trying to make this claim that Ohioans are doing great under his leadership. Ohio is on pace to lose two legislative districts in the 2020 census. Ohio is going to be surpassed by either Georgia or North Carolina in population growth. The state saw dramatic losses in population and job losses. The unemployment rate here is 4.5%.

People are leaving this state that's why!

When his replacement comes in, what will that person do?

Offer phony platitudes and promises that they know they cannot keep. The Democrats and Republicans running for governor all well-established figures. The candidates are white and none of them are inspiring. People of color will not vote for any of them if the chance was given.

My old school is going to close.

Sad chapter. I am considering moving to Cincinnati to be closer to my son. Cause it's depressing here in Dayton and I am losing faith in achieving the success of yesteryear.

Dayton is going backwards.

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S B said...

I graduated from Meadowdale HS in 1989. It's sad to see the school closed. RIP Meadowdale.


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