Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Bobby V Still Denying He Into Transgender Women!

Honest conversation.
Atlanta singer Bobby V still can't duck the allegations of him having affairs with transgender women. Bossip broke the news that the singer was caught creeping again.

His own baby mama is saying that he is turned on by transgender women.

If you're into transgender women, that's fine. As long as you treat them as a human beings, it all good.

Bobby V was caught up in a sex scandal last year. In August, he was running out of a transgender woman's home after he refused to pay up for services rendered.

The junk food media claims that Bobby Tv's baby mama caught him smashing a transgender woman. He did inside their home. She allegedly decked him and threw the woman out.

It was posted on social media before she scrubbed it.

Then of course they share an intimidate picture together to disspell rumors of tension.

Any thoughts?

What you do in the bedroom is solely your business. But if you're not being honest with the partner, you're putting yourself at risk for HIV, unwanted pregnancy, surprise children and exploitation.

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