Sunday, December 31, 2017

Oh, You Silly Troll!

Troll trying to elude a federal lawsuit. This white extremist is the founder of notorious white extremist website responsible for radicalizing a man to kill a woman in Charlottesville.

White extremism is a bigger threat than terrorism. Donald J. Trump had given the movement of bigots a voice by saying they were very fine people.

We continue to give these nuts a platform. I don't know why we will waste our time giving this guy a voice.

I refuse to promote the website. I don't want the drama!

All I can say is this troll is being served with a federal lawsuit for sparking a harassment campaign against a woman who owned a building that a notorious white extremist leader once owned.

Tanya Gersh was a target of an online campaign to violently kill her and her family for spurning this extremist. She lived in Whitefish, Montana and knew the mother.
Troll encorauge a campaign to stalk the family of Heather Heyer. The civil rights activist was killed when a white extremist used his Dodge Challenger to run over protesters. She died from injuries.

The mother of this white extremist was forced to sell her building when her son became infamous.

This white extremist has been actively encouraging guerrilla activism and has sued college campuses recently. He vows to get his message to those who felt the world left his people behind.

This troll is from Columbus, Ohio and is the founder of a controversial white extremist website.

This troll actively promoted the United the Right rally in Charlottesville.

He is notorious for doxing campaigns against people who stood up to him and his allies of this white extremist movement labeled the alt-right.

HuffPost has been in contact with a man who is supposedly watching this troll's movements.

He was recently spotted in a superstore in Columbus.
Troll made life miserable for a Montana woman. She is suing him and wants his white extremist website completely shutdown. 

The troll claims that he isn't living in the United States. He says he is living Lagos, Nigeria with the Blacks. He says good luck on finding him.

This troll used the help of a banned internet troll and others to elude the lawsuit.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has helped Gersh with this lawsuit. She is now seeking a hefty sum from this troll.

His website has been shutdown numerous times. He was responsible for calling his followers to use any means necessary to stop antifa and Black Lives Matter counter protesting in Charlottesville.

One acolyte managed to kill Heather Heyer. The troll was pleased. He said the world didn't need a ________________.

Anonymous has leaked his information and those who contributed to the site.

Now everyday, this troll watches his back. He is armed and threatened violence against anyone willing to sending him to the pearly gates.

He will meet karma in 2018. We watch him and folks like him be exposed and shut down.

The late Alan Colmes interviews this troll.


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