Friday, September 23, 2016

The Cop Who Shot Tyre King Bucked Others!

Tyre King was fatally shot by Columbus police after they chased him for an alleged robbery.

The need for accountability. The police need to start releasing body and dash camera footage. The Black community demands this in the wake of the fatal encounter of Keith Lamont Scott.

Cop in the freezer for shooting teen.
Over in Columbus, protesters calls for transparency are growing. The evidence shows that Tyre King was fatally shot in the back three to five times. According to the law, he was pulling the gun from his waistband.

He was shot and killed Columbus Police after they suspected him of being involved in an armed robbery. The 13 year old boy was fatally shot. He was holding a toy gun and the law claims that the gun looked realistic.

The officer Bryan Mason is in the freezer pending a state and federal investigation.

Mason was cleared of wrongdoing after he had fatally shot a man who held another person at gunpoint. He also had two non-fatal encounters. He also shot a dog after the animal bit an officer.

The public file shows that Mason had high marks on his performance.

Tyre will be buried on Saturday.

The city of Columbus plans to outfit its officers in the traffic division with cameras before the end of the year. It might take up to three years to get at least 1,400 officers on the camera says the Columbus Dispatch.

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