Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Bill Bratton Bounces From NYPD!

Top cop for the NYPD steps down amid a feud between mayor Bill de Blasio and the racist police union boss Patrick Lynch. 

America's mayor Bill de Blasio's hand picked commissioner is bouncing. Bill Bratton is stepping down from the New York Police Department.

Oh, who's going to get blamed for this bit of news?

Will it be de Blasio, Black Lives Matter, Barack Obama or Al Sharpton?

Anyway, the word on the street was the police union head Patrick "Racist Dick" Lynch was not happy about the Bratton rule. Lynch told NYPD officers to "slow down". They were deliberately not doing their jobs. Many NYPD officers (mostly plain clothes officers) roughed up residents of color. Some were killed under Bratton's watch.

Bratton had previously been expected to remain in his post through the mayoral election next year. James O'Neill, the current chief of the department, is expected to take Bratton's place. The Wall Street Journal reports Bratton will stay in his post until September in order to have a smooth transition.

Crime has hit historic lows during Bratton's tenure, but as NBC New York notes, that tenure has also "been marred by tumultuous relations with the public and a tense standoff between the department's rank-and-file union and (Mayor Bill) de Blasio following the killings of two officers in late 2014." And, the New York Post adds, a police corruption scandal involving high-ranking officers also erupted under Bratton's watch.

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