Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Michigan Deputies Killed After Inmate Stole Gun!

The FBI is investigating a fatal shooting of two bailiffs at a courthouse.

As Black Lives Matter protests continue, we have a tragedy in St. Joseph, Michigan. There was a shooting at the Berrien County Courthouse.

Sheriff Paul Bailey, Governor Rick Snyder and President Barack Obama were notified about this incident. The incident happened when the terrorist, Larry Gordon got the drop on them.

He managed to grab their firearm and a fight ensued.

The terrorist managed to shoot the bailiffs. He shot them at point blank range. He also injured another deputy and an innocent victim waiting in the lobby.

The terrorist was going to take hostages. After a few moments of negotiation, other bailiffs got the drop on the terrorist. The bailiffs shot the terrorist as he tried to flee the courtroom.

He killed Joseph Zangaro and Ronald Kienzle, both retired officers and court appoint county deputies. Deputy James Atterberry was injured in the arm. He was treated and released.

The Michigan Department of Safety, the ATF and FBI are investigating the incident.

There were no warning signs from this terrorist.

Also it's reported that President Barack Obama and George W. Bush will attend a memorial for the slain Dallas Police and Dallas Area Rapid Transit officers killed by a terrorist. The terrorist lived with his mother. The FBI is probing the family. They believe that the family didn't tell the law.

White suspect kills two Michigan deputy bailiffs. Who's gonna get the blame for this?

An inmate in a Michigan managed to kill two state court bailiffs. He was killed. Now that it's over, who gets the blame?
Barack Obama
The Shooter
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Of course, the stakes are high. Those in law enforcement are on high alert of possible copycats.

This incident in Michigan will not be mentioned by the conservative agitators. You won't hear the comments about the suspect being a "thug". You won't see the conservatives troll the suspect's social media page to indicate that he was prone to violence.

Where's the outrage from Softball Hannity, old fart Limbaugh, loudmouth Bill Cunningham, Sheriff David Clarke, Kevin Jackson and all the concern trolls who want us to focus on gun violence in the Black community?
The victims.
By the way, I haven't forgotten about the shooting Chicago where two young children were seriously injured. I haven't forgotten about the shooting in Bristol, Tennessee where a terrorist murdered a newspaper delivery woman and injured two deputies. The terrorist was a Black man who was inspired by the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. There were police shootings in St. Louis County, Missouri, a police shooting Decatur, Illinois and East St. Louis, Illinois.

There were riots in St. Paul, Baton Rouge and Phoenix. The police used militarized tactical gear at the #BlackLivesMatter protests. The arrest of activist DeRay McKesson was also mentioned in the news.

So far, if I say all the names of the victims of gun violence, it be nearly impossible to correctly name the victims.

So I don't want to hear the concern troll nonsense about how the president doesn't address gun violence in Chicago.

World News Today send our condolences to the families of Joseph Zangaro and Ronald Kienzle.

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