Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spoiled Wannabe Cop Served In The Death Of Eric Harris!

Spoiled millionaire found guilty in the death of Eric Harris. Robert Bates, a former reserve deputy for Tulsa County, Oklahoma was found liable in the involuntary manslaughter of Harris.

The Tulsa County prosecutor said that money can't buy you everything. Obviously, Robert Bates was hoping that he could buy his way out of a murder trial. The jury can't be bought.

Bates, a local millionaire wanted to be a cop. He was with Tulsa Police when he witness Eric Harris in a sting operation.

Eric was selling unlicensed firearms to an undercover. The Tulsa Police circled the ride Eric was a passenger in. He saw the rouse and bolted.

Eric was subdued by the law. That's when Bates, tried to use a Taser on him. Well it wasn't the Taser, it was his service weapon. Bates would fatally shoot Eric while he was being handcuffed.

Eric was unarmed when he was detained
Bates was found guilty by the court on manslaughter. The jury recommends a sentences that could carry up to ten years in the iron college. The jury may at least give him four years.

Bates was an insurance salesman who had a connection to the former Sheriff of Tulsa County. He used that connection to become a reserve deputy. He didn't have proper training and he thrusted himself into the situation when he shouldn't have.

The jury found that Bates shouldn't involve himself with the situation when there were qualified deputies on the force. The jury took a few hours before they found him guilty of the charges.

Mind you this was an all-White jury.

What would have happened if the prosecutors and the junk food media made the story about Eric's criminal history?

Could the jury been swayed in the favor of Bates?

Bate's lawyers tried to use the "we he didn't mean to" excuse. Bates claimed he thought he reached for the Taser. Unfortunately, he grabbed his service weapon and shot Eric in the back.

In the body camera video, you can hear Bates say "Taser, Taser". He grabbed the wrong restraint and a gunshot goes off. Bates on video said "Oh, I shot him. I'm sorry".

Eric was screaming and cussing at the officer "He shot me. Oh my god."
Bates fatally shoots Eric Harris in the back.
One of the qualified deputies said to Eric, "shut the fuck up". Then he decides to cuff him. That officer may face a cannon firing for the interaction.

The incident led to the suspension of the reserve deputy program. The Tulsa County sheriff at the time Stanley Glanz resigned. Glanz, a Republican got an opportunity to hang out with his buddy Bates. They often took expensive trips. And sometimes they were filmed hunting animals.

Bates is White man and Eric Harris was a Black man  The shooting happened around the time when tensions were high with police interactions with unarmed Black suspects.

Bates will appeal the decision.

He won't be taking them vacations to the Bahamas anytime soon. Last year, he had his passport revoked when he told the junk food media he will head to the Bahamas to reflect on his error of judgement.

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