Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Ohio Cop Fired Out The Cannon For Social Media Rant!

Some real ignorant trolling about an activist's suicide got a cop fired out the cannon.

It seems like the situation is settled for now. Of course, he has a right to appeal his cannon firing but for the sake of the community go away.

The Fairborn Police Department has decided to load Lee Cyr into their cannon and fire him out the tent. He was placed in the freezer, three weeks ago. 

Cyr realized his ass was grass when activists outed him.
On the social media, Cyr posted trolled on the page of MarShawn McCarrel, the leader of Ohio's #BlackLivesMatter movement. He was battling depression. He would end up committing suicide.

Well the now former cop posted a snide remark. He said that he'd, "Love a happy ending."

The folks over at RacistGetFired on Tumblr grabbed a screenshot of the comment and sent the comments to his superiors.

Well his superiors have found out that he was responsible for this comment as well as many other nasty and politically divisive remarks on social media.

The law said that Cyr's comments was "violation of the department's social media policy and does not conform to the professional standards and core values established by the organization".

Cyr was with the department since 1994. He certainly blew that long time career out the water.

His actions gave reasons to unjustifiable pullovers and unreasonable searches. His actions may have canceled out many tickets that he's issued to motorists. His actions may have canceled out cases of probable cause arrests and detainment. It made the Black and Hispanic residents of Dayton's fifth largest suburb think the law is profiling them when they're driving safely in the city of Fairborn.

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