Monday, March 28, 2016

The Law Caught The U.S. Capitol Threat! Now Who Gets The Blame For It?

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Terrorist panicked Washington, DC with a pellet gun. The terrorist caused a panic at the U.S. Capitol in a politically motivated attack.

There was a shooting at the U.S. Capitol today. A terrorist panicked Washington, DC with a toy gun.

The incident allowed innocent civilians at the Capitol Visitor Center get injured. The DC Capitol Police put the threat down.

Officers shot and injured the threat around 3pm after he entered the north screening area of the Capitol Visitor Center and drew a weapon. It turns out that the terrorist had a pellet gun. So I am guessing he was trying to commit suicide by cop.

The terrorist was taken to a local hospital and was being treated for his injuries. An uninvolved bystander was injured and taken to a local hospital. The terrorist was a former pastor at St. Luke’s Community Church in Nashville, according to his Facebook page and the church’s website.
Panic in Washington, DC.
The terrorist cause the Capitol to shut down, the White House to shut down. It disrupted traffic along Interstate 395 and Interstate 695. Washington, DC was fearing that this was an act of terrorism caused by a Muslim.

Of course, that's what our conservative agitators in the junk food media were hoping for.

They wanted to continue this tongue flexing of how they can stop the so-evil "radical" Islam.

The terrorist is named Larry Russell Dawson. He's a man from Tennessee who was a Prophet of God.

Now he's a Black man, a Christian extremist and a legal owner of a firearm. Who's gonna get the blame for this?

In the wake of the DC Capitol shooting, the suspect was caught. Who takes the blame in this controversy?

Barack Obama
The Shooter
Mental Issues
Do Quizzes

Tell you what! Congress won't move the needle on gun violence. Even though this threat was considered a nut job, this stuff is happening way too much. This terrorist could have been strapped with explosives and would have been a perfect example of a suicide bomber.

Yeah, since he's a Christian extremist, you won't hear much about that. Since he's complaining about raising the minimum wage, a goal liberals want accomplished, conservatives will single out President Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton for this terrorist actions.

Of course, when this terrorist is released from the hospital, he will face federal charges. The charges could put this terrorist in federal time out for LIFE.

The terrorist is innocent until proven guilty.

World News Today sends our prayers to those injured in this senseless act of ignorance.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, please, this was a nutjob with a toy gun. Scroll through the usual lib media BS and the comments by readers. (HP was a hoot.) Most was about gun control (BB gun is not a firearm and allowed in most countries. Wouldn't be surprised to find out it was an Airsoft.) And then the BS about a White redneck, Christian radical/terrorist.

As soon as the real info came out, well, no more media updates and the eventual fade. No help to the agenda so time to drop.

The blame goes to the media and to a lesser extent, nutjob club members. (They'll always be around.)


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