Sunday, January 03, 2016

Trump In Terrorist Recruitment Vid Won't Hurt Him!

Trump blames Clinton for terrorist recruitment video.

Hillary Clinton was caught telling a lie. Politifact rated her claim that the Islamic State uses Donald Trump in recruitment videos is false. But using Trump in an al-Shabaab video is true.

The Republican frontrunner and conservative agitators are the best recruitment tool for the terrorists.

The al-Shabaab group are allies of al-Qaeda. It's a notorious group operating out of Somalia, Sudan and Kenya. The group is lament's term is a known as the "Youth Islamic Resistance". The group has carried out mass causality attacks across many urban regions in 10 countries. It often uses the internet and social media to attract Westerners and social outcast to the group.

The video starts off with excerpts of Malcolm X and Anwar al-Awlaki. The video urges Black Americans fed up with racism in the United States to join their movement. It brought up the Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and parts of the al-Jazeera's Black in the United States documentary.

In portions of the video al-Awlaki brings up the Army major Nidal Hassan. Hassan who is facing the gas house at the military brig. Hassan opened fired on 13 of his fellow military officers in 2009.

The video is spoken in English and Arabic with subtitles.

For the most part, the Trump campaign said, "Good for them". Donald Trump on GOP Sundays vows to take on the threat of terrorism (or uh, radical Islam).

The conservatives and Republicans are squawking about radical Islam. The candidates as well are bragging about what they could do if they're in charge.

Unaware that they're rhetoric is sparking a movement of extremism.

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