Thursday, January 07, 2016

Texas Cop Served In The Sandra Bland Case!

Sandra Bland didn't get justice.

The Texas trooper who arrested Sandra Bland is charged with perjury. This charge got him fired out the cannon. Now if he's convicted, he could also face a year in the iron college.

Brian Encinia, 30 has been on desk duty since the event. He denies any wrongdoing. He will have a day in court to face this misdemeanor charge. He is innocent until proven guilty.

Sandra Bland's story made to the the junk food media after #BlackLivesMatter brought attention to it.

Trooper was cannon fired for lying on his statements.
Sandra was from Chicago and was at Prairie View A&M University for a job interview. 

Encinia pulled Sandra over for an apparent lane change violation. He would engage in a combative confrontation with her after she refused to exit her vehicle. Sandra was smoking a cigarette and Encinia wanted her to put it out.

In the dash camera footage, you hear Encinia threaten to use the Taser on Sandra and threaten another person filming the incident. He claimed that Sandra resisted arrest. Sandra complained about an injury and didn't get treatment. 

He forgot to mention that in his statement.

After her arrest she was placed in the Waller County lockup. After three days in there, the lockup crew discovered her lifeless in her interment. They said that she may have committed suicide using a trash bag.

The family isn't buying the bullshit. They believe that the lockup crew failed to render aid to Sandra during her stay. They are taking the Waller County to federal court.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the Democratic candidate running for president mentioned her name in the debates. He believes that the incident is a tragic reality of deadly police encounters with people of color.

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