Friday, January 08, 2016

CNN Town Hall: Gun Control Debate!

The president sits with Anderson Cooper in a CNN Town Hall about Guns in America.

President Barack Obama does a town hall on CNN with Anderson Cooper. He goes into the hot button topic of gun control.

Some issues will be mentioned. Some will be missed. I'm not perfect but I am willing to give you the most I've gotten from it.

The most notable things mentioned in the town hall.

First thing, the president addresses the mass shootings of last year and Chicago. Obama said that even though Illinois has some of the strictest background and gun control measures, some travel to state that have easier access to obtain firearms. He named Indiana as one of the reasons for illegal guns on the streets of Chicago.

The National Rifle Association declines the offer to attend the CNN town hall. President Barack Obama chided the organization for ignoring his request for invite to the White House.

Obama takes a question from a rape victim from Colorado. The victim says that she believes in having firearms. Kimberly Weeks-Corban is a supporter of guns. She admits to being raped and feels that it's a need for firearms.

Obama took a question from Talia Kyle, the widow of slain activist Chris Kyle about gun ownership.

Obama address Chicago. He reminds the town hall about the illegal transport of firearms into Chicago. He talks about the death of Hadyia Pendleton. Her mother Chloe was in the audience. She spoke to the president on the rise of violence in her community. Hadiya was killed two weeks after she performed at the inauguration of the president in 2013. He also brings up Zaevion Dobson.

Paul Babeu, the controversial Pinal County, Arizona sheriff asks the president a question.

Chicago Catholic pastor Michael Pfleger had an opportunity to ask the president a question.

Mark Kelly, the husband of former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords asks the president a question.

Anderson Cooper did get the president riled up when he was asked about the nonsense being spread around by the conservative websites. The president took a shot at Infowars and The Drudge Report.

I  want you to know that it was lively. I wish it would have went a bit longer. I kind of wished to hear from gun shooting survivors. It's unfortunate that even this town hall won't sway the ignorant nonsense being spread by Republicans, conservative agitators and the NRA.

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