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Standout Football Star Sacrifices Himself In Gang Violence!

Fulton High School football player Zaevion Dobson, 15, lost his life Thursday night while trying to protect three girls from gunfire  in their Knoxville, Tennessee neighborhood 
A heroic action cost this young teen his life. Now Americans are hoping that this drives attention to gun violence.

Gang violence should be considered domestic terrorism. I believe that the junk food media has labels a tragedy based on race, religion and political views.

There was a standout football star who shielded his friends from a hail of gunfire. The student was destined for a bright future. His life was taken away by senseless gun violence.

The teen and his friends weren't the intended target. The neighbor was and he faced his fate too.

Three young girls tearfully thank Zaevion Dobson for saving their lives. The Knoxville Police and FBI are investigating the death of the teen after a rivalry between two factions.

Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch says the 15-year-old Fulton High School football player died after he used his body to shield the two girls and a boy from gunfire on Thursday night.

"By the time it was over, we had went inside," another girl said. "I pulled on him and said 'You can get up now' but he didn't get up. So I just went upstairs, and by the time I came back to make sure everything was real, (I saw) he was shot in the head."

This event started when the suspect Brandon Perry's mother Lisa was struck by gunfire at her home earlier that night.

Brandon Perry lurked in the neighborhood waiting for the alleged shooter. He and a couple of his boys let the bullets fly in the neighborhood. The bullets went flying and everyone took cover. He and his brother Zack along with three others were sitting on a porch at 7pm Thursday night talking about their winter break.

We don't know if the suspects knew Zaevion or the other victims. But the attack was random.
Two teenage girls who were saved by the heroic actions of Zaevion Dobson, spoke to Local 8 News on Friday night.
The young girls who's names were withheld said Zae saved their lives. The law is searching for the suspects.
The family and his friends call Zaevion, Zae. The community praised the heroic deeds of Zae. They condemned the suspect and those who were involved in the attack.

Perry eventually met his fate after the actual targets managed to buck him on the road. His ride crashed into a home of a sleeping resident.

Perry would die of his injuries. Perry's buddy Chris Bassett is held in the Knox County lockup. He's been held on being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and violation of probation. He hasn't got his "get out of jail" free card. He may charged for the murder. Bassett is innocent until proven guilty.

His death attracted national attention. It also attracted conservative ire by mentions of "Black on whatever" violence by concern troll bigots like that asshat Colin Flaherty.
Alleged gunman lost his life to gunfire. Brandon Perry was gunned down after he was ambushed.
Zae had a future in football. His coach from Fulton High praised the boy for being a "leader" in the community.

The mayor of Knoxville, Madeline Rogero express sympathies to Zae's family.

There was another tragedy in the city. A shoplifting suspect was bucked in a hail of gunfire after the law said he tried to mow down law enforcement.

Again, I don't want to jump to conclusion on whether deadly force was justified in this. But given the Zack Hammond controversy, I don't take the law's perspective of the shooting as credible. Until they release the video or dash camera of what happened. I can't believe this.

Amos Frerichs was shoplifting from a shopping mall. The deputies followed Frerichs into the parking lot, where he "aggressively resisted arrest," according to KPD.

The deputies tried to tase him, but Frerichs managed to get into his car. That's when he ran over both deputies, KPD says. One deputy got up and shot into the car, hitting Frerichs. Police say the suspect hit at least two parked cars.

Investigators say Frerichs was trying to hit the deputy again when he was shot.

Frerichs died at the scene. Both deputies were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The officers are Evan Rogers and reserve officer Geziel DosSantos. Both have been with KCSO since 2012.

No one else was injured. These officers only been on the force for less than five years. They claim that the suspect tried to mow them over. They didn't have dash camera or body cameras on them.

The junk food media says that he has a criminal record. The record has no gun criminality. There were minor assaults and thefts. Nothing that upped the ante to violent criminal.

The law bucks shoplifting suspect. They claim he tried run them over with his ride.
Frerichs has a long criminal history that includes multiple charges and arrests in Knox, Blount and Loudon Counties. He's been arrested in Knox County for multiple assaults and thefts.

He has multiple outstanding arrest warrants against him, including two assaults and two thefts in Knox County, according to police.

KPD believes Frerichs tried to get away because of these warrants.

Police are still investigating the shooting.

Zaevion Dobson will likely be mentioned at the State of the Union Address. This will be President Barack Obama's final address to the nation. He will address gun violence, the NUMBER ONE THREAT in the United States.

World News Today sends our condolences to the family of Zaevion Dobson, Brandon Perry and Amos Frerichs. We send our prayers to Lisa Perry and wish her a speedy recovery.

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