Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Carson Doing Surgery On His Campaign Staff!

Could it be over for Ben Carson?

It seems like Dr. Ben Carson reached his peak. 

Papa Smurf realized that something, something! Something, something just ain't right! 

The Republican candidate has taken a nosedive. He's now in the single digits while the new flavor of the month Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) rose to the second spot. The Carson campaign had suffered some major setbacks after the three previous debates. Carson is pretty novice on foreign policy.

The Paris and San Bernardino tragedies brought the issue of terrorism to the forefront. 

Carson is also got a lot of holes in his wallet and pocket. He's spent most of the $$$$$$$$ he's earned during the campaign.

Now Carson is ready to do another brain surgery on his staffers. His campaign manager may be the first sucker fired out the cannon.

With less than six weeks til the Iowa Caucus, Carson has to do some serious rebounding or else take an "L" and move on.

Carson's buddy conservative agitator Armstrong Williams assures that "everything is good" and "you have nothing to worry about". But many political insiders believe Carson may eventually bow out. 

The Republican insurgents are giving the establishment a headache. They believe the overheated rhetoric could turn away potential voters. 

The candidates have taken this hard right stance on most issues. 

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