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Cop Walk In Dontae Martin Shooting!

Dontae Martin was killed by Ohio deputies. The deputies were cleared of his death.

Two Montgomery County Ohio sheriff deputies are back on the beat after the grand jury decided that the shooting of Dontae Martin was justified. This is despite them having no lights or dash camera on.

They have determined that Dontae did point his firearm on the Gust Teague and Josh Haas.

They were placed in the freezer for a moment. I guess the grand jury found it necessary to prove that Martin's history as a petty drug dealer proved that he may have provoked a deadly encounter.

So in three weeks, the two officers will be back on the beat for the Harrison Township, Ohio jurisdiction.

The shooting happened about a 1/2 mile from where I live. The incident occurred on a tree lined Springbrook Boulevard. The deputies were responding to a single-car accident on the street.

A woman called 911 saying that vehicle was on the side of the road.

The deputies approached the vehicle with a flashlight and claimed that Martin was provoked. He pointed a firearm at the them. Martin was ordered to drop the firearm and when he failed to comply, the shot him.

He was shot from the opposite sides of the vehicle. The wounds were deadly. He would die on route to the hospital.

Republican Sheriff Phil Plummer defended his officers for the usage of deadly force. When asked if they have a dash camera or body camera on them, no comment came from him.

Now the father of six will be tarnished by the #AllLivesMatter crowd as a "no good thug". Even though he was purchasing a permit for his firearm, according to the law and the agitators, he shouldn't have a firearm in the first place.

Haas was the deputy who shot at a man who was deranged back in December 2014. He was cleared of charges. His wife was involved in a police vehicle accident this year.

Montgomery County sheriff is trying to calm tensions.
The county sheriff's department faces some local controversies this year. There was an email scandal in which three officers were fired out the cannon for sending and trading racial emails while on the job. They were stationed at the Harrison Township branch where Haas and Teague serve.

A few of the deputies were caught off the job driving drunk. Even the sheriff's family member became a lightening rod for ethics violations while in office.

No one is perfect.

I know people who have criminal histories.

Does it make me a criminal that I know someone who is a criminal?

Does it merit profiling of me and those who ride in my vehicle?

I've known her for at least four years. The boy has destroyed her life. When she failed to pay her electric bill and her rent, she was kicked out her apartment. I sometimes carry my heart on my sleeve. I decided to take her in for a week.

One night, I took her to Kroger in the area. She wanted to go to her old apartment to get her stuff. I thought of it as a bad idea. She said nothing won't happen. She had no drugs on her and wasn't wanted for skipping court. But I know that perception would cause the law to profile. So as I approach a traffic light near my apartment, a sheriff's deputy (Teague) was sitting about a block away. I said you know what I don't want to be pulled over, so I decided to go forward. The officer saw us and decided to follow. Yeah, that gives the officer a perception. So he followed us for a few blocks. I decided to make a point by pulling over in a parking lot near a business. The officer sure enough decide to follow and then proceed to activate his lights.

He would ask us why did we decide to not turn on the street. I told him that I knew that if you would likely profile me and her because of her history. We both told the deputy that there's no drugs or weapons inside the vehicle and we're not doing anything wrong.

I decided to turn on my camera phone and record the encounter. I decided to make it clear to the officer that I have no criminal history and I know the person personally. I told the officer that I am not committing any criminal acts.

We told the officer "are we free to go"!

That tactic is used when they often try to bait you into an unlawful search of your vehicle.

The officer said "not yet, I'll be back!" So we wait for 10 minutes and then two officers would appear. The officers came with a drug sniffing German Shepard. The officer once again asked if we had drugs on us. I told them no and didn't consent to a drug search.

The officer decided to give me the verbal warning that if the dog detects a trace of drugs, they'll search the vehicle. So once again, admit that you or her have drugs or you're going to jail.

I told the officer and his supervisor (Haas), there's no drugs in the vehicle. So the officers decide to allow the dog get a whiff around the vehicle. The dog circled the vehicle and didn't do really much.

The officer flagged his fellow officers to a "hit". So they decide to place us in separate police vehicles for detainment. The officer go through the vehicle and take out the seats and glove compartment.

After 10 minutes they let us out the vehicle and they told us that we're free to go. While they were searching the vehicle it caught the officers saying that their dog's "hits" aren't netting good results.

I was hoping that day wasn't going to come but I will turn this recording to their supervisor.

I want to make a point that profiling is wrong. Dayton Police and Montgomery County Sheriff have denied profiling motorists. But the proof is in Dontae Martin, John Felton, and Kaylen English.

John is still alive. He managed to get the city of Dayton and its police chief Richard Biehl to formally apologize to him for a "profiling" situation.

Kaylen and Dontae weren't so lucky. The junk food media often see them as violent and their fates were justified.

She is often regarded by the law as a repeat offender when it comes to drug and prostitution charges. I fear that day will come when she's either killed by the boy or the john who may rob or rape her.

Send my condolences to the family of Kaylen English and Dontae Martin.

Send my prayers to John Felton.


Lindsay Bogan went missing this year. She was last seen in Middletown, Ohio getting into a vehicle.

Send my prayers to Lindsay Bogan, the missing Middletown, Ohio woman who was reported missing after her pimp claimed she got into a vehicle and was never seen again.

She was a woman who had a promising future in nursing. But things went wrong when she was introduced to the boy. She was hooked. She was in the Middletown stroll trying to feed the need.

She leaves behind a young child. The junk food media and Lindsay's family fear she may be dead.

The pimp Eric Sexton is facing charges for promoting prostitution and he's under federal watch. He is facing charges in Butler and Montgomery County for numerous criminal acts.

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