Saturday, November 28, 2015

Conservatives Concern Trolling "Black On Whatever" Crime!

The racist right tries to deflect, distract, discredit and disengage.

When #BlackLivesMatter denounces police brutality, conservatives are trying to turn the conversation into "Black On Whatever" violence.

That right wing network has declared war on #BlackLivesMatter.

Every agitator that appears on their lineups have openly attacked the group and President Barack Obama for embracing the grassroots movement.

After all, since he's the first Black president, according to the agitators he's a part of their movement.

Well one journalist managed to call out the bullshit deflection.

Raw Story and Mediaite have managed to catch the debate between Chicago Sun Times writer Lynn Sweet and two of that right wing network's agitators.

The syndicated writer Cal Thomas off the bat worrying his ass off about "Black on Black" crime.

Thomas and right wing network anchor Leland Vittert call out the junk food media for not questioning protesters on the names of the victims of recent violence in Chicago.
Chiraq is coming to the movie theaters. Spike Lee's movie talks about gun violence in Chicago.
Sweet decided to call them out on their concern trolling.

“There has been tremendous attention to crime in Chicago,” she said. “I don’t know how any person who is familiar with the situation says that there’s not.”

Sweet then pointed out that national news coverage of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s bid for reelection had focused on crime in Chicago.

“So I don’t even understand the premise of where you’re coming from on this one. Respectfully said,” she said.

Conservatives only concerns for gun control is taking the Second Amendment rights from Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims.

They fail to realize that gun violence is by far the biggest threat to the United States. Terrorism, Ebola, and HIV are deadly threats to the country. But none so than the firearm and the reckless actions by those who operate them. That's where the problem lies.

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