Sunday, October 11, 2015

Texas Lawman Necks And Kneed Teen!

Lawman puts his hands on the neck of a teen and it was filmed. This went viral. The police are doing damage control.

In the Austin suburb of Round Rock, there's a video circulating over the weekend. A Round Rock lawman was filmed grabbing a Black teen by the neck and slamming him to the ground.

There was a fight at a high school in the Round Rock Independent School District and the officers were dispersing the crowd after a fight in the school cafeteria.

The incident happened at the Round Rock High School. According to the law, school resource officers were called to the cafeteria to break up a fight between two students.

One of the students was watching the fight from the sidelines. The law claimed that had to restrain the student known as Gyasi Hughes was getting mouthy with them.
This incident was uncalled for. The officer should of handled the situation differently. This is Gyasi and his father Kashka Hughes. They talk to the junk food media about the incident.
During the conversation with the lawman revealed to be Rigo Valles, Gyasi bumped his hand.

Valles grabs the teen by the neck and then tosses him to the ground. The video was recorded by cellphone and the students shared it with the junk food media.

Gyasi was heard in the video telling the law to "leave him alone". He told the junk food media he didn't engage in the fight, he was extremely upset over this.

The parents were pissed. Kashka Hughes said that he plans on filing a complaint with the Round Rock Police. He demands the lawman be stripped of his badge for this event.

Gyasi wasn't involved in the fight but he was suspended for the confrontation with the law. The family may file a lawsuit against the school as well.

This case is under review.

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