Friday, October 09, 2015

Conservative Outrage Over Obama's Visit To The Victims Of Umpqua College Shooting!

Getting upset over the president is becoming routine for conservatives.
There was a mass shooting at Northern Arizona University. Three injured and one died after a fight happened outside the campus.

World News Today send our condolences to Colin Brough, the victim who was gunned down by this callous terrorist. There was a fight inside the dorm and it led to a shooting.

Steven Jones is an 18 year old freshman who the law apprehended today. The terrorist is being held in lockup on capital.

Northern Arizona University is located in Flagstaff.

While another mass shooting happened today, one week ago a terrorist mass murdered nine innocent lives at Umpqua Community College. These lives were taken callously by a man who felt the world wasn't in his favor.

He felt that being rejected by society triggered his mass murder spree.

He had legal right to obtain firearms. Now the family of the victims are expecting a visit from President Barack Obama. When he heads to Roseberg, Oregon, he'll be met with protesters as well.

These protesters are upset that the president "politicized" a tragedy. They rather see the president head back to Washington. Wondering who gave them this idea that the president "politicize" tragedies?

Well it's no surprise that network that devotes its entire shows to trashing Obama had a hand in it.

When the president told the junk food media the American public became numb to mass shootings and the time to politicize this is now, the conservatives went bonkers over it.

Now again, the conservatives believe that the president will take their guns.

On The O'Loofus Factor. Bill-O hosted this asshole on his program. This asshole from some Roseberg conservative publication was telling the president to go away.

David Jaques, publisher of the Roseburg Beacon said, "Obama not welcome here to 'Stand on the Corpses of Our Loved Ones.'"

This asshole claims that the president's remarks were inappropriate and disrespectful.
Assholes blame Obama for the Umpqua shooting. This biggest asshole on cable news brings on a conservative activist to bemoan the president's visit to Roseberg.
So talking about mass shootings being a daily occurrence is inappropriate. It's disrespectful for the president to come to a town to console grieving families. It's not in the best interest to pass a universal background check law.

God damn the Republicans and their conservative agitating allies are stupid.

Gun sales often go through the roof when mass shootings happen. Almost immediately when a mass shooting becomes a national story in which President Barack Obama speaks on it, the NRA and the tiny balls spread the gospel of a federal gun grab.

Pathetic politics and misplaced outrage. Another reason to why Republicans and conservatives are fucking up the country.

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