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Blame Game: Chris Harper-Mercer!

This terrorist massacred innocent lives at a community college in Oregon.

Now as always we point the finger at.....!

The tragic shooting in Oregon at the Umpqua Community College in which now a confirmed 10 people (including the terrorist) were killed. The town of Roseburg, OR is expressing shock and sadness.

The terrorist Chris Harper-Mercer is a man who had issues according to the law.

Witnesses claim that he entered the campus around 10 AM and started firing non-discriminatory.

Some said that he bucked the English teacher and ordered students to the ground. Ordering them up one by one demanding to reveal their religion. He would buck the ones who claim they're Christian.

Some say that he was shooting at multiple buildings. We can't confirm much other than the terrorist killed and didn't seem to care who he killed.

He was quickly killed by the law after he tried to aim at them.
President Barack Obama visibly angry over this. He said that this stuff continues on and its numb to the public.
He was 26 year old sociopath who probably was rejected by society. He claims that he is a non-religious conservative Republican. Some say he was "mixed race". Some say he was a supporter BlackLivesMatter. Others say he wasn't. The friends and family say he was the "nice guy".

The nice guy is the most dangerous person to ever own a firearm.

Oregon's Democratic Governor Kate Brown and President Barack Obama have sent their sympathies to the family and call for the time to pray for the victims. The Douglas County sheriff said that he will never speak the name of this terrorist. He believes that giving him name drops amplifies more extremism.

I don't give a flying fuck about his political views. I don't care who he supports. Regardless of this nonsense, this terrorist murdered innocent people.

The terrorist wanted name recognition. He felt that the more he kills, the more name drops from the junk food media.


Cause he can't win a date online.
Democratic governor Kate Brown express shock and anger at the terrorist. She promises a swift investigation into the motives of this terrorist.
Yeah, I have this problem too, but damn I'm not going to kill anyone over it.

This terrorist ruined the dreams of many. This event has sparked President Barack Obama to speak out against the inept lawmakers in Congress. Their refusal to pass a reasonable gun control law is partly because of the lobbyist influence on them.

The National Rifle Association is pushing the narrative that more guns are needed to prevent mass shootings. The Republicans in the clown car have express sympathy for the victims. They stop short of telling the public that we need to change course on gun crime.

Gun crime is the number one threat in America.

Almost every day a person has lost their life to firearms. Regardless of how these events happen, a person dies because of a gun violence.

The terrorist's social media comes into question. Of course in the blame game, the junk food media tries to unearth the political leans, the criminal history and the social activities to paint this terrorist as....a political football.

Okay who's going to be blamed for the Umpqua College Shooting?


If you picked G as your answer, then you're correct. This terrorist deserves all the blame for the actions rendered today.

However, if you're here to place blame on everyone else but the shooter, you're not helping.

I know that the right and the left both point fingers at politicians, media figures and agitators. I'm just as guilty as many here reading this. I can tell you that I'm not a fan of conservatives. Matter of fact, I can't stomach them. I've listened to them. I've read from their blogs. I've looked at the comments from internet trolls and pseudo commentators.

The moment the president spoke about the routine of mass shootings, I tuned into that annoying conservative agitator's right wing carnival. Right out the gate, he blabs about the president "politicizing" a tragedy. Well this would be the 15th time in his seventh year as president.

It shouldn't even be this many. That network and conservative agitators running with the "hatred of Christians" meme. Once again, there's no confirmation of what the motives are.

Also, the conservative Craigslist went down the "I" count and it was front page.

Matter of fact, the remarks in comment section have been utterly nasty. Not only to the president but to the staff and students of Umpqua Community College for not allowing guns on campus.

When it turned out that the terrorist was a conservative Republican, the shuck and awe became denial and political catnip for the left. Matter of fact, Jim Hoft's Craptopia is trying to debunk the claims.

He said that the social media profile of the terrorist is a bogus copy and paste from liberals.

See if it was a Muslim or even a Black man, Hoft would run like the bullshit he is trying to link everyone and anything to the left.

Rather than place the blame solely on the insurgents (i.e. The Tea Party, Republicans and conservatives), I rather place the blame on America.
Exiting with hands over head.
I blame the country for allowing this constantly to happen. I blame this country for neglecting our civil duties to protect lives here and abroad.

We have country that has over 145 gun incidents since Sandy Hook. About 45 school shootings since Sandy Hook. Many of these events got covered by the junk food media. Some haven't.

We have heard shootings of news reporters, movie goers, innocent bystanders, and campuses of schools.

Over 8,500 shootings (assuring death) this year alone. At average 43.2 people are shot a day.

Over 2,300 people have been injured by firearms. That means 5 out of 10 people were killed by firearms every hour.

We don't have the names of all the victims yet. I would love to show my condolences to them.

Me and S. Baldwin seen it happen far too often. It's a part of the ongoing cycle of violence.

The president is right on this. We've grown numb to these events.

Because after a few days, we'll be focused on another tragedy or another political football for the agitators to debate on.

Those families deserve answers and government that can solve them. Saying that you believe in the Second Amendment and you believe that laws aren't going to stop violence is bullshit.
Some get the opportunity to hug their children and parents. Others will have the tragic opportunity to bury their family member.
I own firearms. I don't have no reason to use them in any event. I've been spurned by women. I've lost my great job. I currently work at a job that I can't stand. I drive a crappy car. I've been profiled by law enforcement and I've been robbed by thieves.

Yet despite all the bad luck, I don't go around saying I'm going to kill the world for my failures.

People with mental issues are often the reclusive, the rejected, the spurned, the loner and the forgotten.

 And yet, we allow them access to firearms.

Developments continue as they unfold.

World News Today send our condolences those lost in this senseless tragedy.

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