Thursday, August 20, 2015

White Lies Between Black Lives Matter!

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, who claims to be biracial, is accused of lying about his race by conservative news website, Breitbart. 
Activist getting his Black card revoked.

I must admit that White people are nosy ass people. Their curiosity is what brings them trouble.

They can't stay out of other people's business. When White folks are involved in personal matters, they always want to know. White folks like nosing into a person's home, a person's car and person's private life.

They seem invested in trying to destroy other people's lives for the sake of proving points. Even if there are some White folks aiming to do good for the world, other White folks call them traitors because they support Blacks and Hispanics over their own race.

The racist right are making accusations against an activist who they claim is faking the funk.

Shaun King is being tossed into the Rachel Dolezal blender. The Black Lives Matter activist is being accused of being a White man. Matter of fact, the conservative agitators have "proof".

The folks over a Breitbart and GotNews have the evidence and they're trying to shame the activist.

Shaun claims to be biracial to a Black father and White mother. He said that he was bullied in them days as a youth in Versailles, Kentucky.

Shaun was a featured player in the junk food media. He made concerns about police brutality and the junk food media's negative portrayal of unarmed Black suspects.

Breitbart got tipped off by an investigative blogger who unearthed his past.  Breitbart claims to have unearthed King’s birth certificate from Sept. 17, 1979 and he's White according to the birth certificate.

The woman known as Vicki Pate is going all out in exposing Shaun King as "white guy".

Her website Re-Newsit is devoted to exposing Shaun as an opportunist. She wrote that Shaun would lie his way to a prestigious Black college. He lied about his race to obtain an Oprah Winfrey scholarship.
Activist Shaun King later deleted this tweet where he discusses his alleged lies about his race in order to recieve a college scholarship.  
The now deleted tweet from his social media. He admits that he lied about his past.
As usual the racist right is devoted to "trolling" King and DeRay McKesson. They have been most active in the movement and they've been extremely outspoken about it.

Some of Shaun's supporters are coming to his aid. They dismiss the criticism as an attempt to discredit the Black Lives Matter group.

Unfortunately,  it seems that several groups on the Internet are spreading lies about an event that happened at my high...
Posted by Shea Gold on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Of course, Shaun isn't concerned about the matter He is not concerned about agitator's and the noise they made. He left comments to his press secretary.

He stands by his story about being born to a Black father and White mother. He doesn't know of Jeffery, the father who the conservatives claim is the father of Shaun. Jeffery is a White guy, by the way.

The racist right believes that Black Lives Matter is a front group. They already label the group as a bunch of thugs and misguided Black folks. The concern trolls would often bring up the scourge of Black-on-Whatever crime.

It doesn't matter if Shaun is Black, biracial, White or whatever. The point is that he's involved in trying to bring the narrative of police brutality and the slandering of victims to light.

I will discuss the controversial sheriff for Milwaukee County, David Clarke, Jr. He is the Black guy that conservatives fawn over. He's one of the examples of coon buffoonery. He already zeroed on the Black Lives Movement and taken the stance of believing that this movement is equivalent to "the Klan".

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