Saturday, August 01, 2015

Tensing Got More Trouble On His Mind!

Hey you see him drag me!

The former University of Cincinnati cop got 10% of the $1 million. Ray Tensing's dad put his home on the chop block to get him that get out free card.

Tensing clammed up after pleading not guilty to the murder of Sam DuBose. He almost got away with it if it wasn't for Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters.

Deters, is a Republican who often sides with the law on most cases. This event was cut and dry for him. Deters said that Tensing had no business ever being a cop.....Ouch!

Tensing's partners are also under investigation for lying on their police reports. Philip Kidd and David Lindenschmidt are off the hook for murder but they may face a cannon firing.

They are in the freezer after they told the chief that they actually saw Sam DuBose put up a fight with Tensing. In reality, it was cordial stop where it elevated. Sam questioned why he had to exit his vehicle. Tensing grabbed the door, and Sam held the door. He rev up the vehicle after he grabbed the door, that when he put his hand inside the vehicle and then in a few seconds, he grabbed his service weapon and let the slugs fly. Sam with a slug in head was killed immediately on impact, the car would speed towards a pole where it crashes.
A code 99 drop.
As Tensing is running over with service weapon drawn, he concocts this narrative that he was dragged by the suspect. He said that suspect had an open container and was belligerent.

Kidd and Lindeschmidt said we'll back you up! They seen it all.

These two were involved in a deadly encounter with a man who died in their custody. A man with mental issues was given a curb side toe jam by these two. They lied on their report that Kelly Brinson was being a threat. They put the Taser on him and he would die of cardiac arrest.

They lied about this encounter when Brinson's family asked Deters to push for that video.

Deters said those two were idiots. The possibility of these two getting served up is unlikely, but it will probably mean the end of the careers as lawmen at least at the University of Cincinnati Police.

So when you look at this in the perspective, I've told you that that law does lie when they make a traffic stop. They lie when they issue a citation. They lie when they do a search of your vehicle.

They lie when they use force to restrain. They lie when they use deadly force when using a service weapon.

Tensing had a previous encounter with a motorist and his passenger.

Demetrius Pace told the junk food media that Tensing was a total dick to him. He knew that the law targeted his cousin Sexton Henley on some bullshit. Sexton had minor damage to his bumper. So Tensing and a few other officers balked at Pace and his cousin.

Demetrius whips out the camera and records Tensing trying to aggressively demand him to reveal his his name. He was detaining them for no reason. They record this. Demetrius continue to pressure for the supervisor. It took over 10 minutes before they at least got a citation. No physical violence.

Demetrius just made it more embarrassing for Tensing.

This type of conduct is the reason why Ray Tensing has no business ever being a cop.

Tensing is innocent until proven guilty. If found guilty of murder he face LIFE in the iron college.

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