Monday, August 10, 2015

Shooting In Ferguson!

One year later, still tension. Michael Brown's death sparked the call for police reform.

The anniversary of Michael Brown's death led to another moment of unrest in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri. The St. Louis County and Ferguson Police had to use force against a person who may have aimed his firearm at them.

One year ago, Michael Brown was shot by Darren Wilson. Michael was unarmed.

The junk food media went crazy after his death. His death became a trending topic and it sparked a few night of unrest in Ferguson. It opened up ugly wounds between residents and the community.

Many residents believe that police were using excessive tactics against Blacks. Michael's death became the final straw. 

Agitators had called into question Wilson's account of the events. Backed by the Department of Justice, Michael apparently ran up on Wilson.

Michael Brown, Sr. and supporters marching in unison.
Wilson had to use deadly force. Even though Wilson had no body camera, no dash camera and witness said otherwise, the Justice Department's report stands by Wilson. However, the report did slam the department for using racial profiling, excessive force, unfair citations and lack of diversity in hiring residents of a community that is majority-minority.

Wilson is now in hiding. He's a married man with children. 

Michael's family still reeling from the death are demanding for police reform and more accountability. They believe Wilson lied about the encounter.

I agree. Wilson had so many inconsistent points, I still question it. 

As the family and hundreds gather to the location where Michael was killed. They protested peacefully until the dark.
St. Louis County Police were dispatched to stop rioting.
And all of sudden, there were sounds of gunfire. The police in riot gear started to rush the protesters out of the area by throwing tear gas. An officer saw the alleged shooter and put lead in him.

Now the alleged shooter is fighting for life and the protesters are angry again. Plain clothes officers were there to spot possible instigators. The public is criticizing that plain clothes were there to stir up controversy.

The law reports that there were allegedly six active shooters. 

Now of course, the racist right and conservative agitators will say with glee that "the gentle giant" and his homies would tear up the town.

When will it stop?

 Again World News Today send our condolences to the family of Michael Brown. We also send our condolences to Christian Taylor.

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