Monday, August 03, 2015

Now That The Law Caught The Cop Killer, Who Will Take The Blame?

Tremaine Wilbourn is facing a court date after he killed an officer. Officer Sean Bolton was gunned down by this criminal. He grew a conscience and turned himself in.  Or maybe, it's because people weren't willing to hide him.

The Memphis Police announced that they caught the man who killed a police officer.

Sean Bolton, a four year officer who served as a Marine had responded to a suspicious car. The vehicle was in a neighborhood many residents consider a gangster's paradise.

He saw it illegally parked. He approached the vehicle and passenger jumped out. A struggle ensured and Bolton was hit up with lead by the suspect.

The officer was mortally wounded by suspect. He would die at the hospital. The law issued an APB on the suspect, 29 year old Tremaine Wilbourn. He got out of federal time out and was supposed to face the wall for the remaining time. But I guess he said, fuck the law, I'm a gee!

Wilbourn would finally grow a conscience and turned himself in. Maybe knowing that he ran out of homes to hide in or the possibility of facing a lead sandwich, Wilbourn found religion.

Sean Bolton.
The police director Toney Armstrong wasn't kind to the suspect. "Officer Bolton apparently interrupted some sort of drug transaction," he said. "A digital scale and a small baggie of marijuana.... were located inside the vehicle. We're talking about less than 2 grams of marijuana. You're talking about a misdemeanor citation. We probably would not have ever transported for that. Mr. Wilbourn gunned down Officer Bolton, for less than 2 grams of marijuana. You literally destroyed a family."

Armstrong added that Bolton's duties were an example of good policing.

"For a police officer to have that kind of temperament, and to take such a caution approach to the use of force, he was a credit to the uniform", said Armstrong.

Sean leaves behind a wife and children. He was to turn 34 year old this month.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Sean Bolton.

Now that the suspect is caught, who is likely going to take the blame for this tragedy?

A) Barack Obama
B) Black Lives Matter Protesters
C) DeRay McKesson
D) Al Sharpton
E) The Shooter
F) All Of These Above

Okay if you picked E, you're right. The fault solely rest on the feet of the shooter. It doesn't matter what his race, gender, sexuality, religion, political, economic, and criminal standings. He committed a crime. He will face a court of his fellow peers. Tremaine Wilbourn is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

In the court of public opinion, he's guilty. But since he's not dead and he's facing an indictment, he will see how the justice system works. He will learn that for the price of taking a life, he will probably lose his life to either the gas house or a permanent detention in the iron college.

I am betting conservatives will place blame someone they've always come to loathe. The concern trolls in the conservative media will shoulder the blame on President Barack Obama.

Obama had great concern for the rise of gun violence. He wants to pass comprehensive gun control reform. The only thing standing in the way is the Republicans, some spineless Democrats and the National Rifle Association.

The NRA wants to keep gun laws loose. They believe that guns are the solutions to the problems.

The conservative agitators want to complain about the president ignoring Black-on-______ crime.
Gun violence in the United States is more of a threat than terrorism.
The concern troll worries about gun violence only when it comes to Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. They call for gun control for these so-called Democrat cities. But in the same breath, they won't talk about the mass shooters who shoot up innocent lives.

It's a damn shame that those in law enforcement pay the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. But it comes with the jobs. We can only hope that it doesn't happen as much as them shooting unarmed suspects.

Blacks have such low approval for those in law enforcement. It's the reason for why we need police reform. We need better community relations with those in law enforcement.

Here's a Black conservative asshole's take on it. He and many in the racist right solely blames Obama for the death of Sean Bolton. Instead of finding solutions, they create more division and divide.

No one condones gun violence. It shouldn't be a political football. But who is to judge?

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