Friday, August 28, 2015

Zimmerman: Obama's A Baboon!

Zimmerman  (right) returns to the spotlight. He teams up with a gun store that bans Muslims and Obama supporters. He paints a confederate flag painting. He blast the president in the wake of the tragedy in Roanoke, VA.

I really must have been tired. I could of sworn that an infamous figure in the Black Lives Matter movement returns back to the spotlight.

In the wake of the shooting deaths of WDBJ's Alison Parker and Adam Ward, the Sanford, FL man who killed Trayvon Martin speaks out against BLM and President Barack Obama.

It seems like the ever temperamental George Zimmerman goes to the social media to do a victory lap.

He managed to survive a near fatal shooting. He managed to avoid the iron college in the death of Trayvon, the physical assault of his wife Shellie, his girlfriend Samantha Scheibe and numerous run-ins with the legal woes.

According to the junk food media, this was the alleged account of Zimmerman. He went off about the president's "rush to judgement" on gun control. He blamed Black Lives Matter, and event went as far to throw a racial insult at the president.

A few added racial nuggets.

It's also reported that Zimmerman had teamed up with a gun store owner who bans Muslims and Obama supporters from his store.

Remember that Zimmerman has no regrets for killing an unarmed Trayvon Martin. He threatens people online and public. This piece of shit is daring the public to take him down.

Added a Chicago cop is under investigation for unprofessional conduct that could put him in sensitivity training. The officer pulled over a car with black men inside, and during a heated confrontation, one of them said, “We don’t trust y’all. You heard about Mike Brown.”

The officer in the video responded, “Mike Brown deserved it.” The man shot back, “Mike Brown should've shot his ass in the face.”

The Chicago PD got wind of the video and, according to CBS Chicago, opened an internal affairs investigation. A spokesman said, “CPD prides itself on fostering productive relationships with communities to help make Chicago safer. The comments in this video are troubling and do not represent the views of this department.”

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