Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Law Hosted A Blackface Freddie Gray Party!

Fundraiser for 'Baltimore 6' to Feature Blackface Performance

A Baltimore police fundraiser is getting a lot of flack after it was revealed that some of the party goers were dressing in blackface.

Just the way, you like it! Damn it!

A former Baltimore cop named Bobby Berger was going to perform a bit like the blackface entertainer Al Jolson. This cop was fired out the cannon in the 1980s running this gig while off duty.

This little group gathering was suppose to aid the six officers who are indicted on murder of Freddie Gray this year. This gathering was put to rest after The Baltimore Sun got a hold of the invite and rand with it.

Berger says that it's not racist. It's quite a funny act. What makes it so controversial, the guy threw money man Montell Williams in the mess.

The former talk show host slammed Berger online and told his fans that this clown isn't one of his friends and he needs to shut the...........well you know!

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the event was cancelled. The venue pulled out and said they don’t condone such performances, and an attorney for one of the charged officers said, “My client will not participate. We will not accept a single solitary dime from this sort of action.”

Okay here's Al Jolson or by government name Asa Yoelson.

Your thoughts on the matter?

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