Monday, July 06, 2015

Google Monkeying Around!

Some real ignorant stuff in the world's most popular search engine.

This wasn't the last time, I've talked about Google and their search engine.

I mean I am pretty damn disgruntled. If you didn't know, Blogger is a product of Google, Inc.

Me and S. Baldwin post on this blog and associated with Google+.

 I have three YouTube accounts, two blogs and Android with Google technology.

I love the fact that Google offers bloggers and YouTube personalities a chance to make money. For at least two years, I was a part of the Google AdSense program.  I was cut from that after they claimed that I done invalid click activity. I don't even know what happened, but Google is pretty blunt about this. They will ban you from everything if you are violating its conduct.

So far, I haven't violated any of this. But they're stern about the policies and I don't have no ads on this blog nor YouTube.

So I don't post much on YouTube. Matter of fact, I haven't posted a video in five years. The most recent video was my trip to Canada. But anyway, the internet's largest search engine is doing damage control once again.

I am not mad. Like with my old job at the racino, I hold no grudges. I wish Google and my old job and co-workers well.

Somehow, Google's new products needs some major overhaul. A man was none too kind to see a picture of him and his friend being labeled as "gorillas".

Here comes the racism:

Google quickly apologized for the photo application identifying Black people as such.

Jack Alcine tweeted a screenshot of him and his female friend. When the app labeled the picture as such, it turned into a viral sensation.

Image recognition software through Google was recently launched and it's supposed to people, places, and events without search.

Google had to personally apologize to President Barack Obama after you Googled NIGGER HOUSE and it lead to the White House.

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