Friday, July 31, 2015

Concern Trolls Can't Move Boulders With Their Hands!

In the wake of high profile incidents involving police, concern trolls believe its the victim's fault for their deaths.

Okay, here we go again. In the wake of high profile incidents in which police faced harsh criticism for the deaths of people in their custody, the concern trolls come out with the defense of the law.

They head to the social media and blogs such as our and leave their word vomit.

I would suspect these trolls as members of law enforcement or individuals who have ties to those in law enforcement. These trolls would post nonsense like what you're reading below.

Again, I shrink it down so you will have to have a magnifying glass to read it.

Anonymous said...
Only in a world as profound sick and decadent as ours would saying police officers - dedicated to upholding the laws governing the very society making it possible for black dysfunction and criminality to be protected - lives be construed as racism and cause a controversy
5:06 PM

 Anonymous said...
Why are we quick to listen to the plight of the carjacker and the drug dealer, so willing to put their behavior in “context,” yet we fail miserably to comprehend the fact that cops — particularly cops in high crime areas — are dealing with domestic abusers, addicts, thieves, murderers, pimps, and the various other dregs of humanity on a daily basis? This might take a toll on your psyche after awhile; perhaps make you jaded, cynical, even bitter. I know it would to me, and I know the police who manage to be decent in spite of it all deserve an immense amount of respect.
5:49 PM

 Anonymous said...
For just being....well you know, could be a death sentence. #IfIDieInPoliceCustodyit'sbecauseIpointedmygunatpolice

Okay, if you have an opportunity to strain your eyes, I want you to understand the grievance by this concern troll.

The troll says that "we are quick to listen to the plight of the carjacker, the drug dealer, so willing to put their behavior in 'context'".

As usual the concern troll blames the victim. Hey, no one is perfect. No one can live in a glass house without a stone being thrown at it. I mean haven't you had a traffic violation or even an encounter with the law?

I have traffic citations. I know people who have criminal history. I've been fired from a job. I don't consent to police searches of my vehicle. I question why the law pulls me over.

The victims who died in police custody have not committed any criminal act. So what the fuck are you bringing up someone's past? It's not relevant to why these officers did what they've done to these unarmed citizens.

This troll says that our "very society making it possible for black dysfunction and criminality to be protected - lives be construed as racism and cause a controversy."

What pisses me off is the racial aspect to this. Black dysfunction and protecting criminality! What the fuck are you talking about? No one supports criminality. Not even the suspects.

Crime doesn't discriminate against race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, political and economic standings.

I don't often use race as a factor to why the victim died in police custody. That's left up to the junk food media and the trolls. Whenever the media releases a picture of the person who died in police custody, obviously you automatically tag race to it.

I can testify to experience that I've been profiled by the law. I had store guards look at me like I'm a shoplifter and I have experienced negative encounters.

I look at this as reckless calls. I also look at the blue wall of silence. This tactic is not official but it's common among those in law enforcement. An officer will defend his brothers. That's why oftentimes the leaks to the media say something positive about the law and something negative about the victim. This is a tactic that often gins up tension whenever someone like this troll says that "politicians and civil right leaders" condone "adjective" dysfunction and criminality.

Concern trolls are like this guy trying to move a boulder.
My psyche is always been common sense. I am reclusive and yet tend to be open minded. I don't have the assumption of guilt of anyone who commits a criminal act. That's why they have the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Amendments. Even the mass shooting terrorists in Tucson, Boston, Aurora and Charleston are innocent until proven guilty. Those terrorists in Boston, Tucson and Aurora faced the victims in a court of law.

It's because he pointed a gun.... How do you know?

Okay this is comes from the controversy facing the law in Dayton, Ohio. Montgomery County sheriff deputies who claimed that Dontae Martin pointed a firearm at them. They opened fire on him, killing him instantly. The cops reported this but yet they are still in the freezer.

Montgomery County sheriff Phil Plummer went into this claim that "he had a criminal record" and "cop killer bullets" to tarnish the victim. The family says this is a smear campaign and they're trying to shield corrupt lawman. I agree that Josh Haas and Gust Teague may have lied about the encounter.

They deserve the benefit of the doubt but I don't take them at their word given that their captain and lead sergeant were caught sharing racial emails. And this isn't the first time citizens complained about these two deputies.

They have no dash camera or body camera to back up their claims. They didn't have their lights on when this encounter occurred. We have to believe their word. I told you that Haas and two of his buddies, one being James DeBarr were the ones who profiled me earlier this year. Haas was the one who put a slug in a man at a gas station last year.

The family is calling for the U.S. Justice Department to look into the matter.

The concern troll is the "a plague on both your houses" approach, where the concern troll tries to convince people that both sides of the ideological divide are just as bad as each other, and so no one can think themselves "correct" but must engage in endless hedging and caveats. This preys on a willingness to debate critics and allow dissent; everyone wastes time discussing the matter and bending over backwards, so as not to appear intolerant of disagreement, all to the great amusement of the troll.

Do me and S. Baldwin a favor. Ignore the trolls. Don't feed them. Use them as an example to keep pushing harder for police reform. Use them for the opportunity to move the discussion forward.

Don't hide the truth!

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