Friday, June 26, 2015

Two Of New York's Most Wanted Down One!

Richard Matt is caught. Matt was one of the two suspects who escaped the iron college. These two dangerous individuals broke out of the iron college in Northern New York.

Matt ate a lead sandwich after ignoring federal authorities. He was spotted in Malone, NY. Matt was the ringleader and player in the iron college.

He wooed a woman into smuggling the contraband for him and his buddy David Sweat to escape.

Matt's life on the run was 21 days. His life ended on June 26, 2015.

David Sweat is still at large and he's still somewhere between where they've escaped and the Canadian border.

 Briefly, Matt decapitated his old boss. He was served up 25 to life in the iron college.

Sweat and a friend put a cop in the wooden box. He was served up LIFE in the iron college.

Matt and Sweat managed to get out on through the "honor" block. They managed to work the system for a clean break. That break has American lawmakers reconsider privileges at our nation's iron colleges. Again, interns to the iron college do have some rights. They do have a right to no cruel and unusual punishment. But all the goodies that are given for "good behavior" are no longer available at the Clinton Correctional.

Joyce Mitchell and Gene Palmer were caught in this escape. Mitchell the co-leader got indicted on aiding in the escape by contraband. She was fired from the iron college. She's being held up on a $$$$$$$$ get out of jail free card. She will face up to a decade in the iron college.

Gene Palmer was also charged to. He looked the other way when Mitchell handed off some goodies to the escape interns. He is being charged with negligence and smuggling contraband.

He faces the judge on Monday.

This has been an active week in the media. We will keep you updated on the latest events over in New York.

World News Today send our prayers to those who are involved in the search and capture of David Sweat. He is a dangerous individual. If he was a smart man, he would give up. But sometimes, that ego may end up getting him killed.

See what that ego done to Richard Matt!

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