Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Feds Kill Boston Man Who Plotted A Beheading On Extremist Pam Geller!

Usaamah Rahim was allegedly plotting a terrorist plot on Pam Geller.

The feds are looking into a plot to assassinate controversial Islamaphobe Pam Geller.

A man from Boston who may have been inspired by the Islamic State was served a sandwich full of lead after he tried to lunge at the feds with a large knife.

The FBI and Homeland Security are on the watch for extremism. Those inspired by groups like the Islamic State are often runaways who leave the United States to join the foreign extremists in Syria.

The suspect Usaamah Rahim was being sought after he told people he wanted to behead police officers and put a bullet in the head of Geller.

Geller sponsored a "Draw Mohammad" contest in order to denounce Muslims. That became a rally cry for extremists to target her and others in the junk food media.

The second suspect David Wright is facing a federal judge for allegedly trying to erase any evidence of Rahim's terrorist plot.

An FBI agent's affidavit was released by the U.S. Attorney's Office tells that story of Rahim and Wright along with another man plotting a terrorist plot against Geller.

They met in Rhode Island on a beach with an informant.
David Right and Usassmah Rahim were plotting a mass murder.
Rahim obtained knives online and the FBI intercepted the package before it made it to him.

Rahim was about to be brought in for questioning. The Boston police and feds were closing in on him. He took out a couple of sharp ones and tired to slice and dice. The feds let him have it. Wright who dubbed himself Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq told Rahim to wipe the evidence from the computer clean and talk in code.

They were planning a "vacation". Or perhaps a "jihad" or "wipe out".

Rahim's brother a cleric at a local mosque told the junk food media that these accusations were unbelievable. Some in civil and clergy leaders as well as the Black community dispute the claims.

He took to social media to condemn the actions of the cops and prayers to his brother.

Officials have shown video coverage to the family. They dispute the charges.

The junk food media learned that the 26-year-old worked as a security guard at the Islamic Society of Boston back in 2013. He also worked at Best Buy briefly and most recently was employed by CVS as a loss prevention officer.
Pam Geller is beefing up her security.
Abdurrashid said he was "smiling, always smiling always happy. Always had a smile on his face. Always willing to help. Just an overall good American kid."

Rahim was living with his wife and two brothers at his mother's apartment. Those close to him say that his mother was a nurse and that he had a wonderful family.

His body was returned to his family as of Wednesday as the Medical Examiner expedited the autopsy. Friends of the family say they are working to organize services this week.
Pam Geller and the racist right have been on this "radical Islam" fixation.

You heard of concern trolling right?

Well this woman (a former beauty model) is a crazy individual. She dares the media to silence her.

She wanted to make a point by making offensive drawings of the Prophet Mohammad knowing that it's considered blasphemy to draw the prophet in any form.

She now has to watch her back 24/7. Her life is in danger. The U.S. Justice Department and local law enforcement knows that she is a target. Even though they can't stand her actions, they will do their best to make sure she has a right to be a bigot.

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