Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Dorian Johnson Sues Ferguson And Darren Wilson!

Dorian Johnson sues Ferguson. Conservative pounce on him.

As the racist right prays for more violent riots in Baltimore, let's take a ride on Interstate 70 and head back to St. Louis. Back to the city of Ferguson, MO. The city that sparked a few days of unrest because of the death of an unarmed man being gunned down by the law. The officer got off and it triggered riots in the city.

Dorian Johnson, the guy who claimed that Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown like an animal, is back in the news. Johnson gave his account of the shooting. He the junk food media, that Michael Brown was not a criminal. He got his share of death threats and slander by the racist right. To this day, those on the racist right will respond with their keyboard garbage slandering him and the Black community.

The "Hands Up Don't Shoot" narrative was sparked by his account. This narrative is used to this day despite the racist right's frustration with it and those who use it.

Johnson was there with his friend and he told the federal authorities that he and Michael Brown left a QuikTrip. As they were walking, they saw Wilson pull up in his police vehicle. Wilson ordered them to get on the street.
Darren Wilson is cleared of federal charges.
Johnson claimed that Wilson tried to pull Brown in his vehicle and there was a struggle. The firearm goes off. Brown was struck. Brown runs away and Wilson was shooting him after he exited his police vehicle.

The U.S. Justice Department determined Wilson didn't violate Michael Brown's civil rights. But it also noted that the city of Ferguson was using its police force as a money maker. It was wrongly targeting residents (mostly Black) at an unprecedented rate. This was the things that came after the grand jury's decision to find Wilson not liable.

Johnson's account didn't match up. Of course the Witness 40 claim that Brown charged Wilson like a football player was dismissed too. But these narratives are stuck in the minds of some and to this day will be aforementioned.

Johnson like many others was upset that the criminal justice system is stacked against Black America.

So in order to get his redemption ($$$$$$$), he files a federal lawsuit against Darren Wilson and the city of Ferguson for unlawful restraint.

I am assured that the racist right is already attacking him as I speak.

In the case of Freddie Gray and the six officers being charged. You hear the carnival barkers.

That annoying conservative agitator boldly claimed that Freddie Gray had heroin in his system. The worst cable news host to ever be on, says this "bombshell" could help the cops. Of course, he talks to an anonymous source who heard from another anonymous source and talked to the bail bondsman and not his probation officer. Of course a parole officer can't disclose an offender's information without a court order.

So I don't understand why that annoying conservative agitator would have a bondsman on instead of a probation officer!

A bondsman can say anything without being verified. Of course, that's the narrative of this piece of shit.

That old fart said that state prosecutor Marilyn Mosby might as well go riot with the people of Baltimore. Mosby's swift charges towards the six officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray dire the ire of the racist right. That old fart refers to Michael Brown as "the gentle giant" and Freddie Gray as "a known dope boy"

Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard professor who the racist right uses as their "token liberal" said that Mosby's charges are not going to fly because according to his oh-so great mind, the charges were too harsh.

Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke, Jr. called Mosby a disgrace and the protesters a bunch of filthy scum. He said that it's a sad day for all in law enforcement to see a partisan charge cops for a criminal's own faults.

Each of these partisan hacks have the right to criticize.

We have a right to tune them out and keep the pressure on those who believe that Freddie Gray's death was due to police brutality. Regardless of the outcome, this will give those in law enforcement a sense of understanding the need to work as protectors and not enforcers. See if the law was more invested in working with the communities they serve, you wouldn't hear "FUCK THE COPS" from those already lost to the pipeline of society's ills.

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