Wednesday, March 18, 2015

T.J.Maxx Let The Shirts Hang Out On Display!

View image on TwitterT.J.Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods are discount outlets that operate in the United States and Canada. They operate under T.J.Holdings, Inc.

If you're looking for clothes that the major retailers couldn't sell at mark up value, you head to T.J,Maxx for the hook up. Most of their clothes are reasonably priced and still trendy.

There was a controversy this week. The T.J.Maxx and Marshall's stores had to pull back the rope literally.

They were selling shirts that had "hang loose" on them with a noose. Yeah, that would be a real hoot if you're into that type of behavior.

Tavik the company that made that tee told the junk food media that it will disappear off their website.

The freedom of speech allows this type of shirt be on display at a retail store. I can imagine that one knucklehead going around a neighborhood of non-White residents saying "Yo, you ________ want to 'hang out' with me!"

It would have been ignored hadn't a shopper noticed it and posted on the social media. It would go viral and the company had to cave to the pressure.

It was in the suburban Orlando, Florida where a Kissimmee woman saw that and went to the social media to vent off about it.

You know that kind of makes sense. If you have a shirt that tell you to "hang loose", I guess you referring to hanging yourself or you planning on lynching someone.

Who knows?

I betcha you will never catch me wearing this piece of shit. And no, I don't find it pleasantly provocative.

Let's hang out.

This discussion on race.....

I know that we are free to be ignorant bigots. I understand that a portion of the United States still harbors some bigoted views towards race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, social and economic standings.

That stuff exists. I never thought I would be subjected to racism when I am pulled over by the law, called a NIGGER to my face, and fearing that institutional racism will deny me opportunities for success.

You may think I'm overreacting. But seriously I am not.

Black men and women are often targeted for racial profiling. They are often looked at as shoplifters, thieves, drug addicts and trouble makers. When one Black person commits a crime in America, the racist right wants to bring all of us and President Barack Obama into this. For one criminal in the Black community, the racist right concludes all of us to be a part of this.

They have a right to be bigots.
Discount clothing store pulls controversial tees.
Deep in their hearts, they know eventually that day will come when they find out their children are dating someone who isn't White. They will find out their child came out as gay or transgender. They will find out that their child doesn't believe in their God, their political party or their economic philosophies.

And when we can more of that, you'll see less of these extremists.

You know what makes me mad. There are hundreds of anti-Black, anti-Obama websites. But give the country one anti-White website, the conservative agitators go bonkers. They would immediately blame Obama for the anti-White website.

So as you "hang loose", I want to get my rant on about how the freedom of speech is a right. But sometimes this right can go too far.

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