Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Criminal Tried To Hide In The Black!

Born stupid or just plain stupid. Who knows?

Out of the woodwork comes the controversial racial agitator who wrote White Girl Bleeds Alot. He's promoting another book detailing his ongoing obsession with racial based criminal acts committed by Black people.

The conservative agitators are promoting this asshat Colin Flaherty's new book Don't Make The Black Teens Angry and How We Enable It. This is another book he's devoted to making conspiracy theories about racial violence being on the rise. He complains that the junk food media isn't covering Black on White criminal acts. 

The racist right is obsessed with these stories. They find some pitiful outrage over a local criminal act on White people. It's nothing new. They complain constantly about how Black America's grievances are overblown by President Barack Obama, Rev. Perm and others.

Who cares? 

Crime is crime.

It's not a Black or White thing. It's a legal and illegal thing.

If you want to support this asshat visit his YouTube website and stomach his videos.

The LA Times report that a man tried to duck the law by spraying on paint to disguise himself as Black man. Jose Espinoza must have figured out that he's a wanted man. He was on the radar for theft and warrants.

Extremist Colin Flaherty.
He was spotted by the law in a stolen ride. So instead of making it a year in the iron college, he goes for five to ten. He pulls an elude trick and tries to duck the law.

After he exits his ride, he runs.

I guess in his possession was a can of spray paint. Espinoza sprays himself Black and jumps into someone's apartment. 

The tips lead to an apartment. So the Madera County Police search the apartment and notice a Black male in a suspicious way. They wanted to find out who he was. I guess the paint ran down this fool's face because after a few minutes of confrontation, he confessed to who he was.

Okay, no guns were pulled. No body was injured. Cops got their suspect. A Hispanic man who tried his best to duck the law by being a Black man.

He's in lock up awaiting trial. He's also going to face the judge on a charge of snatching up a woman's purse.

See the point of this story tell you that this asshat Colin Flaherty and the racist right assures you that one Black criminal represents all of Black America. 

If there are non-Black criminals, its ignored because it doesn't fit these racial extremists agenda.

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